Your dog loves you and these are the signs that show it

Perhaps you have asked yourself more than once: What will my dog ​​think? Do you feel good by my side? They do not speak, or at the moment we are unable to understand their «vocabulary», but they have their methods to transmit to us if they are happy, sad or angryIt is just a matter of looking at some details of their behavior, to know to what extent your pet adores you.

How do dogs express their affection?

Ethologists, experts in canine behavior, they explain that dogs are able to understand some of the words that we repeat to them and end up acquiring a specific meaning for them. They also perfectly recognize your tone of voice and your non-verbal language. For their part, they are able to communicate in their own way by expressing their doggy feelings. Some of the gestures that they can make and that indicate trust, dedication, loyalty, in short, affection are:

  • If I could I would follow you everywhere. If at home he always tries to be in the same room as you are and when you get up he follows you with his eyes or goes directly behind, it is evident that he does not want to lose you for a second. If when you have the opportunity to leave it loose on a beach or in the field, it accompanies you on your walk even if it is not on a leash, it is clear that he likes to be with you. If you leave, even for a few hours and when you return he is crazy with happiness, he loves you.
your dog loves you
  • Caresses, hugs and licks. It is the most obvious sign. There are more loving dogs than others. As puppies, they are all usually very «kissing», but if you have an older dog, who, from time to time, comes closer, sniffs you and releases a discreet lick, that is because he loves you very much. The fact of to be hugged for you, it is another a clear detail. Accepting a hug for them is not something natural, because it implies feeling somewhat trapped (dogs do not hug). If he lets you «cuddle» him, he trusts you. The same is true if he allows you to stroke his head, a sign of submission, or lies down wanting to have his belly scratched. At that moment he is vulnerable, but he does not care, because he fully trusts that you would never hurt him. If your dog, when you are sad, approaches and stays by your side, he knows that you are not well and shows you his support
  • Protection and defense. Some dogs, who have not received any training, surprise with their ability to come out in defense of their masters who believe they are in danger or threat. If in a simple discussion, your dog does not hesitate to show his teeth to someone who may be raising the tone, it is that he wants to protect you and do not doubt that he would do it if necessary. The same indicates the fact defend the house in the presence of strangers. He is part of the family and will defend your territory.
  • Gifts. If you have a dog, which you leave in the garden and it appears to you with something that it has been able to hunt, even if it does not make you too funny, you can be sure that it is a gift made with all its love, so it deserves a prize and A hug.