You know what the different types of ink printer cartridges are

When buying an ink printer, in addition to looking at various technical aspects and whether it is compatible with our computer, we must take into account the cartridges used. These will determine the subsequent expense that we make with the machine. At the same time we have to see if we are interested use only black or color printing, although this will depend on whether the device incorporates these possibilities.

Original brand

As a first option we can always buy the original brand cartridge of the printer that we have. They are created specifically for each model, so they cannot be interchanged with others or different brands. It is about of quality cartridges and with good inks. The specifications of the device must indicate the exact model of each cartridgeWell, if we buy one that does not correspond to the right one, even if it is from the same brand, we will not be able to use it.

By gathering all these characteristics its price is usually higher, but the print quality is increased.


The compatible printer cartridges are not the original ones, let’s say they are «white marks», so they are somewhat cheaper. These are cartridges that are valid for different types of these devices and firms. The way to find out which ones they are compatible with is by looking at the blister or box, where all the printer models for which they can be used are indicated.

How to choose the printer that best suits my needs

Now in these cases the ink is not that good, so the same result will not be obtained as with those of each house. The other inconvenience that can occur in these cases is that an error occurs when updating the software, and no longer support it, but it is not recommended that you stop doing this process because You can impair the operation of the appliance.


The other type of cartridges is the one that is refilled or recycled. They usually belong to the original houses and simply what is done is refill the ink again. There are printers that in fact only work with this mode to prevent other brands from manufacturing alternatives.

In color printers, you will have to use at least two cartridges, one for black and one for colors (tricolor). Sometimes in the latter case you have to resort to three that correspond to cyan, magenta and yellow.