You know what alternate breathing is and what it is for

Stress, always stress. How many times do they give you in response to a body pain, a bad eating habit or insomnia to name a few, that blame it on stress.

Indeed, it is present in many of us and manifests itself in very different ways, but today we have many techniques to try to solve it, reduce it or control it.

Today we bring you one that has to do with breathing, which is one of the best anti-stress techniques and one of the cheapest. It’s about alternate breathing.

It is a practical relaxation exercise that consists of breathing alternately through one nostril and the other. Actually, it is a yoga technique whose purpose is to purify the body and relax the mind, so you will get more out of it if you sit in a meditation posture.

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To perform alternate breathing in a correct way, it is necessary to breathe –as we have already taught you– from the diaphragm.

Next, we describe you the steps of alternate breathing:

  1. Flex the index and middle fingers on the palm of the right hand. Plug the right nostril with your thumb and exhale through the left nostril for a mental count of six. Inhale through the same hole for a count of three.
  2. Plug the left nostril with the ring and little fingers. Exhale through the right office for a mental count of six and then inhale through the same hole for a count of three.
  3. Plug the right nostril again with your thumb and exhale through the left for a count of six.
  4. Repeat the exercise between 14 and 21 times, always starting and ending with the left nostril.

It’s important to put attention on As your lung capacity and concentration increase, you will breathe more deeply, expelling air in twice as long as you inhaled it. For example, if you breathe in for a count of four, you will breathe out for a count of eight and so on.