Work at home? Maybe you need to communicate them in advance or request a municipal license

Changing the flooring of any room, renovating the tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen, painting or closing the terrace are some small reforms that it is usual to carry out when you consider that your house needs a new air. Also in old houses a comprehensive reform or a change of the water and electricity installations may be necessary, to achieve a greater comfort and energy efficiency.

There are many situations in which, perhaps, you are determined to undertake a reform of a greater or lesser caliber, and there are several steps you must take to avoid any complications. In the necessary planning, you will not only have to calculate budgets and contact professionals specialized in the works you want to carry out. In addition, you will have to be very clear if you need a license and what kind.

Is it a major or minor work?

This is what you have to find out before starting, because depending on the type of work in question, three assumptions can occur: You do not need to carry out any prior procedure, you must notify your town hall as it is a minor work, or the reform requires a major work license.

Remember that everything that affects housing reform is a municipal competence, although there will also be take into account current regulations in each autonomous community, and also the state laws that collect and develop urban plans. These last two are especially important in specific cases, such as, for example, if you live in a historic or cataloged building of special interest.

If your apartment is a conventional house, to get a first idea of ​​whether the work you want to do is going to be considered minor or major, you should know that the three main parameters that are measured to include it in one or another category are:

  • The scope of the reform. In general, anyone who assumes a surface enlargementBoth in volume and height, it is considered a major work. A classic example is the enclosure of a terrace or the elevation of a roof, in the case of single-family homes, with the aim of obtaining a new room or a loft.
  • The project need. If the work requires the intervention of collegiate professionals, including architects and surveyors, it will also require a major work license.
  • The budget. It is another of the variables that are considered to classify the type of reforms. Although we must insist that each city council sets its rules, if they have given you a budget that exceeds 20,000 euros, the most likely thing is that the work requires the corresponding license.
Building licenses in homes

Releases and licenses, what you should know

Inform yourself about the requirements, before undertaking any reform in your home, it is important so that you can carry it out with peace of mind and security. If you do not have the corresponding permissions, not only could you have problems with your neighborhood community, but also expose yourself to possible fines and penalties.

In general, the works that they only affect the interior of your houseWithout affecting common elements such as facades, interior patios, roofs, shared pipes and pipes and structural elements, they do not require any type of license, but they may have to be communicated.

The Madrid City Council (@MADRID), for example, details that frequent actions such as painting or tiling do not require permission or communication of any kind. On the other hand, some reforms that, without needing a technical project, are larger, such as modifying interior partitions or changing windows, do require that the interested party notify the municipal body before the start.

The communication it is a simple procedure, since it is simply a matter of notifying the start of the works, briefly explaining what they consist of. The Madrid city council admits that they can be presented online or in the municipal registry offices.

In the case of the Barcelona City Council (@bcn_ajuntament), it offers on its website the service of «Prior consultation procedure», which allows to know the regime applicable to the work to be carried out. The result of this consultation, which is valid for 6 months, will indicate whether you can directly initiate the reform or you must request a major or minor building license.

Regarding the application for a license major work, such as the one that requires a comprehensive reform that affects the entire home, usually will be the professionals that those who are in charge of requesting it will carry it out, because its concession requires the provision of the corresponding technical documentation.

Home renovation licenses

Frequent doubts in minor works

It is easy to know when the reform you have in mind will need a major work license, something that the professionals know perfectly that you hire. It is also quite clear, for example, that changing the furniture in your kitchen, replacing the ceramic floor with parquet or painting the ceilings does not require any permission, but there are small works in which doubts arise: replace the toilets or the bathtub with a shower tray, change the door of a garage that faces the public road or throw away partitions to have fewer rooms, for example.

Each city council has its rules and to be calm It is convenient to consult. If your small reform requires to be communicated in advance, you will obtain authorization in a very short time and you will save yourself possible problems. In terms of cost, it is variable, although it usually fluctuates between 2% and 6% of budget that you present.