Why you should put three balls of aluminum foil in the washing machine

For the oven, to dye hair, to preserve food … the uses of aluminum foil are multiple And there is one that you did not know: they protect our clothes in each wash and prevent them from becoming electrified.

When washing clothes in the washing machine, a certain amount of electrical charges are released that damage the clothes and wear down the fabrics and can even cause breakage. These electrical charges can come from the washing machine itself or from rubbing the garments during washing, which can lead to cause electrification of tissues, which in many cases is annoying and unsightly.

If we introduce aluminum foil balls in each wash, we will ensure that it absorbs all the electrical energy, preventing the garments from being damaged or electrified.

To do this, you simply have to insert three balls of aluminum foil the size similar to a golf ball and follow the usual steps for each wash, with the detergent and program that you normally use.

In the event that the clothes you are washing tend to acquire a lot of electricity, remember the importance of using fabric softener in this type of wash, as well as a short spin program so as not to increase this problem.

In the dryer is where more static electricity accumulates, since the more the clothes rub against each other while dry, the more load will be generated. In this sense, there is paper for the dryer, but if you have forgotten it, you can also insert the three balls of aluminum foil here to prevent electricity from accumulating.

What can aluminum foil do for our clothes?

The balls can be used for approximately 6 months. In addition, it is important to note that aluminum foil is not harmful to health nor will it cause damage to clothes, washing machine or dryer, on the contrary.

What is aluminum foil made of?

Aluminum is a chemical element that is extracted from a material called bauxite. It is a non-ferromagnetic metal, that is, it does not have the necessary compounds to be easily magnetized. Aluminum foil is achieved thanks to the balance of iron and silicone, together with 98.5% aluminum. In addition, the sheet of this metal is very flexible and is a great conductor of heat.

Other uses of aluminum foil

In addition to those that we have already mentioned, aluminum foil can help us eliminate certain difficult stains, sharpen scissors or clean the iron, among others.