Why the jug is a perfect refrigeration system

Year after year, the use of the jug it is lower in our country. If decades ago it was rare not to find one in any home, now seems to have become a Rare avis, in something «old» that makes no sense in today’s modernized world … when it should be more current than ever.

How does a jug work?

This typical object of Spanish culture has been used for centuries to store and cool water. And although its «operation» seems simple (you pour the water through the widest opening and drink through the pitorrillo), the truth is that it has its intriguing and this lies in the material from which they are made: baked clay (clay).

“The jugs, however simple they may seem, are capable of cooling the water and keeping it fresh even when the ambient temperature is high. The water that we introduce into the jug slowly seeps through the pores of the clay and when it comes into contact with the dry exterior environment a part of the water evaporates, producing a cooling equivalent to about 500 calories per gram of water. evaporated ”, they explain from Ecologists in Action (@environmentalists). In this sense, how much more dry The more the environment is, the more the water will cool, hence its popularity in our country, where most of the territory is not humid.

Why should the jug be used again?

Although buying a jug may sound like a joke to some, you have to take into account all the benefits it can bring.

  • He is able to keep the water cool despite the prevailing heat. This means that it is not necessary to use the refrigerator to cool the water, which translates into energy savings.
  • The water will never be as cold as in the refrigerator, but it will be cold enough to satisfy our needs. What’s more, if we ingest water too cold and we are exposed to a very high temperature, our body can suffer.
  • His size it usually holds several liters, so you won’t have to constantly go for cold water.
  • The use of plastic bottles is avoided: both those that are reused at home and that end up leaving remains in the water, as well as those that are bought.
  • With regard to the purchase of bottled water, the operation of the botijo ​​helps to evaporate so much chlorine It carries the tap water as possible odors. So if the reason for buying mineral water bottles is that, you will save while avoiding the use of more plastic.

In short, the use of an ancient object such as the jug provides multiple advantages. Of course, if you’ve already forgotten how to drink from it, you’d better «train» to get back into the habit.