Why should you enroll in the Travelers Registry?

Perhaps you are unaware that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (@MAECgob) makes available to all citizens a simple and useful tool to travel, with more security, to any destination. Its about Travelers Registration, which you can easily access.

We have all seen that, unfortunately, they can arise unforeseen and serious circumstancess while enjoying a vacation outside of Spain. A natural disaster, the outbreak of a social conflict, a terrorist attack or other similar situations may make you need help and you want to be located as soon as possible. Anything can also happen in Spain that requires your immediate return.

What data is reflected in this registry?

Probably before starting your trip you have communicated to your relatives the place where you will be installed and can be reached in the next few days, but it does not hurt to leave a record in an official record, which does not imply any requirement or obligation and in which you are going to provide the information you want. Data that, according to the Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights, will only be used for the purposes for which you have provided it.

In addition to your personal information and, if you want, a photocopy of your ID, you must indicate the place of destination, the time of stay, the address of the accommodation you have planned and any other details that you consider appropriate. For example, if you travel with some type of policy or medical insurance.

For older people, it may be of special interest to record in the registry if follow a certain medical treatment, as they may need, at any given time, a special drug, such as insulin in the case of diabetics or even if they suffer from any allergy. Something very important if you receive emergency medical assistance in a foreign country.

If you authorize it, you can also activate the geolocation function on your mobile, something that could prove essential in the event of a natural disaster.

signing up for the travelers' registry is easy

How can you sign up?

It must be made clear that each citizen is responsible for their own safety when embarking on a trip, but especially in especially conflictive or dangerous destinations for some reason, registering is an option that you should consider. Doing so is a simple procedure, which is carried out through the Web from the register So what it will only take a few minutes.

When you log in for the first time, you will create a account with your username and password. You will only have to do it this first time and so you can register, whenever you want, any new trip abroad. Once in your account, you simply have to specify where you are going and the dates you plan to travel.

If you want, you can also specify the name of the people who will accompany you. For example, if you normally travel with your partner or with your grandchildren, you can provide their data and, later, specify in each case, if they will go with you or not. It is also advisable to include and specify a possible contact person.

If you are planning a long journey, which includes stays in several countries, in the section «Travel information» you can detail your different stages. It is also important to specify that the Travelers Registry is intended for travel and stays abroad that do not exceed 182 days.

Traveler registration location in case of emergency

Advantages and details that interest you

The Ministry recalls that before embarking on any trip you must obtain accurate information on the country’s situation destination and possible risk situations, since the decision to go and the possible consequences are always the responsibility of each citizen.

It should also be made clear that the registry is not intended for people who move with the intention of residing elsewhere. In this case, registration must be done in the Consulate Registration Registration that corresponds to the country of future residence.

Consulting and accessing the website of the Travelers Registry is important because there you will find detailed information in real time about places in the world where there are conflicts or alarm situations, for example, due to a recent catastrophe (earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, nuclear accident …).

If you want you can download the free app of the Registry, which offers you immediate notice in case of crisis or catastrophe and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is also a perfect and safe tool so that you can be located at all times.

The only requirement to register is have Spanish nationality, although a non-Spanish family member can do it as a companion or contact person. Carrying out this procedure, especially if you are traveling outside of Europe, will help you to travel with the peace of mind that if necessary, they will be able to easily reach you from Spain, although it is difficult for you, for any circumstance, to establish contact.