Why is the avocado not oxidized with the «bone»?

Avocado is one of the foods that has increased its consumption the most. This type of fruit has had a notable growth in recent years in relation to its consumption patterns. Despite being originally from Mexico, in countries like Spain its popularity is such that it is present in a large part of the diets that we follow daily. What’s more, it is grown in the south of the Peninsula.

If you have opted for its consumption, you may have observed how quickly it is capable of oxidizing. Have you ever wondered why?

Reasons avocado rusts so fast

If you like avocado, surely you have encountered this situation more than once. You have bought two or three pieces in the greengrocer, apparently still green, and shortly after opening them you have discovered that they are too ripe to enjoy their taste, acquiring a black tone that no one will find too attractive. This is because avocados contain a large amount of an enzyme, baptized as polyphenol oxidase, which causes this fruit, once it is plucked from the tree, to begin a rapid ripening process.

Avocado does not rust off the pit.  Do you want to know the reasons for this mystery?  (pixabay)

Despite the fact that one of the most popular tricks that its most common consumers usually perform is keeping it in the fridge, the truth is that this is not enough. While it is true that you will be able to slightly delay its maturation process, it is no less true that You will only be able to slightly delay the first symptoms of ripening.

The «bone», the key to avoid oxidation

The compounds of avocado make that, in their contact with oxygen, the color of the interior of the same changes radically. Thus diluting the greenish-yellow tone for a much darker appearance. However, if, when opening this fruit, you manage to leave the «bone» (really the seed) inside it, This will act as a barrier so that oxygen does not come into contact with the inside of the avocado, maximizing its state of conservation for a little longer.

However, despite this trick, you don’t have to trust it. We are facing a fruit that, by nature, tends to undergo a rapid ripening process. It should be taken into account to plan its consumption as soon as possible.