Why is my cat attacking me?

If you have a cat as a pet, you already know that they are somewhat particular pets, very «his», which at a behavioral level have little to do with a dog. They need their space and their independence. That they throw their claw from time to time, for a reason that you cannot understand, is something relatively normal.

In small kittens it is more common, especially if weaning has occurred early (about 8 weeks, minimum). If you have a puppy cat that throws itself at your legs causing scratches, more or less deep, it does so for two reasons: because he is playing and does not know how to control his strength or because it is «Practicing» hunting techniques. It is pure instinct and although you must do your best to correct it, among other things so as not to endanger your own balance, this behavior is absolutely normal.

Why is my cat attacking me?

Why does an adult cat behave aggressively?

The problem arises when the attacking kitten is already a few years old. As the Illustrious Official College of Veterinarians of Valencia points out (@ICOVValencia), it is important to understand that hunting instinct and need to play persist in the adult cat, so offer pet stimuliSuch as toys that you can «chase» or climbers on several floors, you can end up with such supposedly «aggressive» behavior.

Although each cat has its own character, it is also useful to know that these unexpected attacks they can have a physical or psychic cause. That reaction, not friendly at all, to a caress by a cat, usually affectionate and friendly, can hide a undetected pain or illness. An otitis, an invaluable injury to its claws or the delicate pads of its paws, a trauma from a fall that you have not witnessed … Maybe your cat huffs and shows its claws because, without knowing it, you are causing him some kind of pain when trying to express your affection. If this abnormal situation recurs, consultation with the vet is necessary.

It should also be borne in mind that cats during heat they can be more aggressive than normal. This is a temporary situation, in the face of which there is no alternative but to be patient or to consider, in extreme cases, sterilization. Fear or feeling feel cornered they are also triggers for behavior changes in felines.

Finally, it is important to remember that a cat can be surly simply because you want to be calm and «at your own pace». If it is something specific, it does not deserve greater relevance, but if this behavior is repeated for no apparent reason, it is necessary to find out if any physical or mental ailment is affecting your pet.