Why is licorice not consumed as much as a candy anymore?

A few decades ago, licorice was one of the most popular treats. Whether it was in a jelly bean format, as a pill or directly as a root, it was rare for the child who at some point did not eat one. Over time, trinkets have multiplied to unsuspected limits and children (and parents) have other much more attractive options, so that today it is strange to see a little boy eating a liquorice bar.

Licorice benefits

The most curious thing is that licorice contributes benefits to the body (and also some other danger that we will point out below). Its root has been consuming for centuries and as pointed out by Bayer laboratories (@Bayer Spain), “have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties on the gastric mucosa, so it helps prevent some symptoms or alleviate them once they have already occurred: stomach heaviness, gas or flatulence, indigestion and a burning sensation typical of nausea ”.

stomach protective foods: licorice

Of course, the more processed it is, the more properties it will lose, so that the most popular trinkets will not host as many properties. At this point, you surely remember the Juanola pills, which have been marketed in pharmacies since 1906. In addition to licorice, they include menthol, eucalyptus and other essential oils, which is why they have always been purchased as an aid to our health.

The palulú

As we have pointed out, you may have eaten raw licorice many years ago (although in the 1980s there was again a slight spike in the sale of palulús, which is what the children called it). This almost yellow interior “stick” was nibbled insistently until extracting that unmistakable sweet juice that gave it a substance called glycyrrhine. This is the key to all its medicinal virtues and, at the same time, it is also the culprit that it can become dangerous, since ingested in excess it can cause an increase in blood pressure, the formation of some edema, and even cramps.

Of course, it is very likely that when it was sold as a candy for children (and the elderly) most did not know anything about it, it was simply the sweetest thing you could buy.