Why does your cat prefer a cardboard box to his own bed?

All cat owners are sure the following situation rings a bell. We receive a package, we open it and leave the cardboard box at the entrance to be recycled on our next trip to the container. But not even five minutes pass and our cat is already installed inside. And, if we leave the box for a few days, it becomes his favorite place to be. To this is added that a few meters away you have a bed that we buy especially for him or her that does little or no case.

What is the cause of this behavior? There are several reasons that experts argue to answer this question (even with a study carried out by a University). Let’s see which are the most accepted:

Survival instinct

As much as our cat lives happy and calm in our home without any real danger that threatens it, the primal instinct to stay safe from predators persists, which is the same that often leads them to prefer high places to sleep. A cardboard box gives them this feeling of security, it is like a cave in which they are safe from any danger.

Taste for loneliness

It is nothing new that cats (or almost everyone) they like tranquility and rest isolated from the environment. Thing a box allows them to do, it is their refuge.

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In addition to the survival instinct, our cat also retains the hunter’s instinct, although it has never had to earn food. From the box, our cat can be on the lookout for his next ‘prey’ And to check it, you just have to show him one of his toys up close and he will probably jump on him as if he were hunting him.


Cats are very curious animals and, although cautious, they always show interest in new things in their environment. This would also explain why they are drawn to a box: it is something new to explore. But, yes, once their curiosity is satisfied, they choose to stay so do something more than simple curiosity.

The material

A cardboard box as well as a shelter and a quiet space for the cat It is made from a material they adore to scratch and biter. So, in addition to making the box at home, it also serves to sharpen their nails. In addition, cardboard offers cats something they like, heat, as it is a great insulator.

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Stress management

Finally, and according to a study carried out by the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, cats use cardboard boxes to relieve their stress. In the investigation, they did a test with 19 cats who had just arrived at a shelter. 10 were given boxes while the other 9 were not. And for the next 14 days they could see how cats with boxes showed less stress and adapted better to the shelter environment than cats without.