Why does our hair fall out more in autumn? Causes and solutions for this problem

Every year we can recognize the arrival of autumn, in addition to the first leaves that some trees lose, by the more hair that we lose at this time of year. And, although it is something that is repeated every year, it never ceases to amaze us and even worry us because we doubt, when we see the large amount of hair that remains in the brush, if we will recover what was lost.

Well the answer is yes, that In a few months, practically all of the fallen hair is recovered. And is that more hair loss is fall is a normal and natural process. In fact, we should talk about hair renewal and not loss.

A continuous renovation

Hair is lost throughout the year, but in autumn this process becomes more acute and if in a normal day 50 to 100 hairs fall out, during these months, more than 150 hairs can be lost per day. Why? Well, because during spring and summer, the sun’s rays stimulate the growth of our hair, but in autumn, this process slows down and the hair in the fall phase begins to fall more abundantly, but in a limited way. time. That is, after two or three months, the loss is regularized and practically all of what was lost is recovered.

Mitigate the effects

Although we are before a natural process, we can always minimize the loss with some care so that our hair is not affected excessively and looks better. For starters, experts recommend wash your head whenever necessary because the shampoo or the excess of washes do not cause the fall. On the contrary, good hygiene is essential to maintain a healthy and oxygenated scalp.

In addition, at the time of washing, use a shampoo that is as natural as possible free of chemical components (sulfates, alcohols and parabens) and better with neutral pH. Once we have the right shampoo, we also have to monitor the amount we use because more does not mean better (They point out that a teaspoon of coffee is enough if you don’t have a lot of long hair).

Another tip from hair health professionals is emulsify the shampoo before applying it (mix it with the two palms of the hand) and better if we take the opportunity to massage the scalp to stimulate circulation and mitigate the fall. By the way, a lather will be enough to obtain a good result and, if possible, rinse with cold water which also helps to stimulate circulation even more.

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On the other hand, lhumidity and excessive heat are great enemies of the hair Therefore, if we have wet hair, we must not make ponytails or collected or wear caps. Regarding heat, as always, the dryer is an element to use with caution: it is advisable not to stick it to the scalp and better if we do not completely dry the hair with the dryer and let it finish air drying. In addition, at the time of drying, we must put the head down to stimulate blood circulation and nerve impulses to the scalp.

Another tip from the experts is brush our hair before going to bed. This way we can remove the dirt accumulated during the day and, also, it is a good time to massage the scalp for about two minutes.

Finally, to achieve shiny hair, it also contributes lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet to avoid a lack of vitamins, iron, or essential nutrients.