Why does a kick to the testicles hurt so much?

There are self defense techniques that focus on hitting the stalker’s testicles since a hit in that area leaves any man doubled over in pain. Regardless of this, it is something that, although no man wants to go through, it sometimes happens while playing soccer, tennis or doing any other sport or activity, but why does this pain occur so strong?

The explanation is simple. It is one of the areas of the body with the highest number of endings nervous called noniceptors. All of them converge on the vagus nerve, which many define as a «super highway», causing pain to reach other areas of the body causing a general discomfort in men that, in addition to being reflected mainly in the abdomen area, can cause nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness, lack of oxygen or vomiting in some cases.

The one that the pain after a blow is mainly reflected in the abdomen area It is due to the fact that the nerve endings of the testicles converge in the abdomen, since it is there where the aforementioned vagus nerve is located, which reaches other parts and organs of our body.

Furthermore, the testicles are a Very sensitive area with almost no resistance or protection of thick muscle mass, beyond the tissue itself (scrotal sac). The fact that they are hanging outside the body is because for the correct production of sperm they must be at a temperature lower than that of the interior of our body, but the truth is that, being outside, makes them more sensitive to any blow.

Why does a kick to the testicles hurt so much?  Photo: bigstock

If the blow has been very strong and the pain does not disappear between 15 and 60 minutes later, it is advisable to see a doctor since it could be:

  • Epididymitis: an inflammation of the epididymis, which joins the testicle with the vas deferens. It is a pain that usually disappears spontaneously.
  • Displacement of the testicle: the testicle could go up to the hip area, something serious.
  • Testicular torsion: The kick can cause the testicle to rise and twist, causing the spermatic cord to twist. One testicle is located on top of the other and you should see a doctor urgently.
  • Rupture of the testicle: it will cause severe pain and requires surgery.

How to relieve pain

If the pain continues one hour after the blow, it is advisable to go to the doctor as soon as possible to evaluate it. Meanwhile, we can take a pain reliever or ice the area, mainly.