Why do you need a negative certificate from the Treasury?

Any taxpayer can request the Tax Agency (@Agen_Tributaria) those certificates you need to prove your tax status And power carry out various procedures. These documents serve to prove different circumstances, from being «up to date» with the Public Treasury, to the census status registered in a specific period of time or year.

Specifically, a negative income certificate (IRPF) shows that a taxpayer did not file his personal income tax return because he was not obliged to do so, generally for receiving income lower than the amount from which the presentation of the Income is mandatory, or for any other cause considered exempt.

There are many procedures, both in the public and private sectors, that require a copy of the personal income tax return for processing and resolution, for example, when applying for a mortgage or applying for some kind of help or subsidy. The negative income certificate is designed so that you do not have any problems and can demonstrate that if you do not have the return, it is because it was not your responsibility to do it.

Negative certificate from the Treasury

How to obtain the negative certificate of personal income tax?

In general, any Income Certificate, including this one, can be requested through the internet, by going to the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency. Now you have it easier, because it is not essential to have a DNIe, digital certificate or Cl @ ve PIN. If you have these access systems, great, but if not, You can also request the certificate online and obtain it easily.

Once inside the web, you must go consecutively to: «Procedures, services and procedures», «Certifications / Declarations», «Issuance of tax certificates / Personal Income Tax» and, finally, «Procedures / Application».

Already on the correct screen, the first thing you will have to do is identify you. If you do not have digital systems to do so, you must provide your personal data, including the NIF and a number of mobile phone. They will also request the number that appears in one of the boxes of the statement on which you request the certificate. Logically, as you have not presented it, you must leave that section blank because, in this case, the system will ask you for a Bank account number where you figure as the headline.

Filling in the corresponding form, you just need to validate it and send it. Once done, you will receive a Safe Code of Verification (CSV) via SMS, in the telephone number that you have indicated. You must enter it in the «Consult Certification» section. In some seconds, you will have your certificate ready to download and if you want, print. If you prefer, you can also request that it be mailed to your home address.