Why do we get dizzy in the car?

All, or almost all, have ever been dizzy in a car trip and the experience is very unpleasant, ruining more than one trip.

Some people are more likely than others, but sensitivity to movement or motion sickness, what we usually call dizziness, can appear on any means of transport, although the frequency or intensity are usually higher in cars and buses.

Cold sweat, paleness, nausea, repeated yawning, general malaise, vomiting … these are the most frequent symptoms of dizziness but, Why do we suffer from them?

We find the answer, as the race, in the contradictory information that our brain receives when we are inside the moving vehicle. To maintain stability and balance, the brain has to recognize the position of our entire body. It achieves this by using the different information provided by the balance organ located in the middle ear, the position of our body and the different senses. These information have to match when they reach the brain. And this is what happens when we move when walking or running, but if we are not the ones who execute the movement, but rather it occurs passively when, for example, we are inside the car, the information that our brain receives no longer matches. A) Yes, Our view, if we are looking at a fixed point inside the car such as the mobile, informs that we are still while from the organ of balance or from the rest of the senses the information that arrives is that we are in motion.

This causes us to become unbalanced and unstable, so we lose our orientation, we feel bad and dizziness arrives that can lead to vomiting. Roads with many curves, changes in grade or a high speed are factors that contribute to the dizziness appearing more intensely or faster. Of course, we must also take into account that some people are more prone to dizziness than others, it depends on the sensitivity of the balance systems of each one.

Tips for not getting dizzy in the car

The site counts.After the driver, the passenger seat is the best to avoid motion sickness, since from this place we can better observe the movement through the front glass. Do not look to the sides, it is preferable forward in the direction of travel.

Better to travel with a good driver to avoid going fast and braking. A smooth ride reduces the possibility of dizziness.

At the first symptoms of dizziness, roll down the windowsbecause fresh air helps us breathe better and increases the oxygen content. Also helps drink or eat something cold, for example an ice lolly. The cold curbs the feeling of nausea that accompanies dizziness. In addition, it is convenient to do frequent stopsto clear yourself, stretch your legs and move.

If possible, not traveling right after lunch, but if we cannot avoid it, let the food be light and based on solid foods.

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In order not to fixate on a point, which causes dizziness since we are looking at something that is not moving, avoid reading or looking at the mobile. In this sense, it is highly recommended to take advantage of it to sleep since that way we notice less movement. And if we can’t fall asleep, it will help to close our eyes and relax.

Another help can be talk to the companionsbecause that way we pay less attention to movements.