Why do some objects or people «cramp»?

When you open the door of a car, when you put on your coat, when you try to pick up any object or give your grandson a hug… suddenly, an inexplicable cramp, sometimes with a “spark” included, arises, resulting in the most disconcerting. There are theories for all tastes, but experts agree that it is the electricity itself, that objects can accumulate (our body included), which causes the phenomenon.

To understand, in a simple way, what is the static electricity It must be remembered that any body is made up of atoms, which contain protons (positive electric charge), electrons (negative charge) and neutrons (neutral). Under “normal” conditions, atoms have a total neutral electric charge (the same electrons as protons) but, due to some circumstance, such as friction or friction, that charge is altered (we lose or gain protons or electrons) and it is then when we become small «human batteries» with an excess of static electricity, positive or negative, which sooner or later will come out in the form of «discharge».

muscle cramp

Is there a method to avoid it?

These mini downloads, in principle they do not present any danger. They cause peculiar situations, such as hair frizz when repeatedly passing the brush (friction) or some strange cramp when putting on a garment, especially if synthetic fibers predominate. When the phenomenon occurs between people, the explanation is not that “sparks” of anger, love or joy jump between you. It occurs, according to scientific explanations, because one has positive static electricity and the other has an “excess” negative charge.

Although everything seems very clear, some aspects are not so clear. It is not known for sure why some people are more prone to this ability to «get electrified.» Some theories suggest that the chemical composition of our body, the presence of more or less electrolytes and minerals, may have something to do with it.

It is also proven that certain circumstances are more likely to occur, including the excessive environmental dryness. If in your environment the «sparks» are so frequent that they are annoying, try putting a humidifier that adds moisture to the air. There are also specific products, generally in the form of aerosols, to control ambient electricity (especially in certain work environments). If when touching an object with the tips of your fingers you notice the cramp, experts advise to facilitate the discharge of energy by resting your whole hand on a preferably wooden surface, for example on a table, or on the glass window of the car (thus it won’t give you cramp when you open the door)

Use garments made of natural fabrics (wool, linen, silk), not having synthetic carpet at home and keep skin well hydrated These are tips that can help reduce the frequency of the phenomenon