Why can’t my driving license be renewed?

In Spain, a person in good health can renew their driving license without any setback. There is no age limit. However, there are a number of diseases and medical treatments that can prevent this renewal. This process is repeated every ten years, but after 65 years it is reduced by half. The limitations to obtain the permit again are regulated by the Royal Decree 818/2009 of May 8 in which they are collected diseases, disorders or deficiencies that prevent the extension of the driving license.

The list of pathologies is quite extensive and if a favorable medical report is not available, it will not be possible to carry out this procedure.

Heart problems

In this section there are variations depending on the disorder suffered. Sometimes the suspension is only for a few months. For example, after an acute myocardial infarction or surgery in which a prosthetic valve is placed, you have to wait three months, but if they put a pacemaker the period is only reduced to one. And if we carry an automatic defibrillator, the time lasts up to six months.

Oncological diseases

Who are undergoing chemotherapy as a cancer treatment, they must wait at least three months after receiving the last session of the cycle.

Mental and neurological diseases

In the case of delirium or other dementias, especially if suffer from cognitive or amnestic disorders. Also if you suffer depression or anxiety, attention deficit, alcoholism, or problems with other drugs or some sleep disorders. Epilepsy, depending on the degree and the seizures, may need a prior positive report from the neurologist.

In all these situations the limitations will depend on the severity of the disease.

Respiratory disorders

Some situations are cited here, among which is mentioned specifically for people who suffer from continuous dyspnea at rest or when doing light work, that they cannot re-obtain their driving license.

Kidney transplant

There is a specific section for this situation in which it is indicated that those who have received a kidney transplant they can only renew the card «after more than six months of antiquity of evolution without problems derived from the transplant, with a favorable report from a nephrologist «.

Other pathologies

Yes you have diabetes and need to be treated with insulin Prior validation by the specialist is required and the license is only obtained for four years.

This list also includes dizziness, cerebrovascular events or hypo or hyperthyroidism (at the time of treatment), among others.