Why can thieves put a mark on your house?

Although Enrique Jardiel Poncela’s play was titled Thieves are honest people, Nothing is further from reality. Thieves commit crimes and take advantage of any weaknesses in their victims. This also happens in our homes.

When they commit a robbery, there are those who are surprised at its effectiveness without thinking that behind it there is a surveillance job in which they use brands that give them a lot of information. These often go unnoticed and can be done at the door of your home, in the mailbox or even at the intercom. So, keep your eye on any strange symbol or item that «shouldn’t be there», you could be a target.

What are brands like and what are they for?

The brands are tiny symbols that, in principle, only they understand. From crosses, to letters or geometric figures, they have their own meaning. But it is not the only thing that robbers use to carry out their misdeeds. Sometimes they use small pieces of plastic or paper –Barely imperceptible– that they put on your door to know whether or not you leave the house, or if you are absent for a few days.

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Therefore, its purpose is none other than to know as much as possible about the possible victims:

  • Population. For thieves it is key to know who occupies a home: if there are only women, if there are children alone for a period of time, if there is only one person, if its inhabitants are old people, if they are invalid and even if they have a dog.
  • House type. The habitual residence is not the same as one that has a holiday nature or that is occupied only at certain times of the year. Likewise, theft in a house where it is presumed that there is wealth is not as profitable as in another where there is «nothing to scratch.»
  • Facilities. Other data that brands reveal are those related to the simplicity of entering and leaving, as well as at what time of day the theft is most appropriate. It should be noted that these marks are not only used for thefts that prevent contact with tenants, but also provide information on whether it is possible to deceive or even threaten them. After all, thieves seek to commit crimes with ease, so it is not surprising that they take advantage of the elderly, the disabled or even children.

Call the Civil Guard or the Police

Therefore, if you see something strange or any mark on your home, do not hesitate to notify the Civil Guard calling the 062, since they will advise you and check if they have been made by thieves. And of course, eliminate them to make it difficult for criminals to do their job.

The best defense is good prevention, especially if we take into account that in the first three quarters of 2018 there were almost 80,000 burglaries in homes in Spain, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior.