Why can aromatherapy help you?

Small jars that keep delicate natural essences to alleviate our body, the aromatherapy refers to those essential oils –Mostly made from plant, herb or flower extracts– that provide benefits for our body and mind. Thus, these minimum doses have a high concentration of properties and an aroma that helps us when it comes to alleviating our moods or calming contractures, to give just two examples.

And is that the plant study in order to «prevent, alleviate or cure a disease state, or with the aim of maintaining health «has been done since millennia in all cultures, as recalled by the Spanish Society of Phytotherapy.

Benefits of aromatherapy

We may find ourselves nervous and unable to fall asleep. In that case, lavender essential oil is a very effective remedy to achieve this. This plant stands out for a delicate and very recognizable aroma that relieves anxiety thanks to a calming effect. «It has been shown that it has sedative, anxiolytic, antidepressant, and anticonvulsant activities, largely due to its majority component, linalool «, point out the aforementioned experts.

Lavender is used in aromatherapy (bigstock)

Also for cases of stress, essential oils based on lemon, orange blossom, sweet orange or bergamot. Thus, with a small inhalation we will achieve that its properties penetrate our organism with the aim of improving our mood and reducing the heart rate that is associated with situations of agitation or excessive nervousness.

In the event that our discomfort is preceded by an inopportune cold or flu, the aroma of ginger is a good ally. And in addition to calming these symptoms, it can help us prevent stomach problems related to dizziness or nausea. And for muscle aches? Apply a massage with rosemary essential oil, which stimulates our circulation.

Modes of use

When it comes to talking about the benefits of aromatherapy, we can do it in several ways. Either inhalation, especially recommended if what we want is to solve any discomfort of the dermis or respiratory problems; or with a massage to relax the muscles or diluting a few drops in a relaxing warm bath.

In case you want to use aromatherapy internally, it is best to consult a specialist before consuming anything.