Who is Paquita Ors?

Paquita Ors has been offering solutions to the most common skin problems for almost forty years, thanks to her accessible cosmetic brand. But behind the signature is the story of an enterprising woman since her youth, who has managed to make a name for herself in the field of cosmetics in Spain. We tell you who Paquita Ors is.

Who is Paquita Ors?

The current president and founder of the brand Spanish cosmetics company Paquita Ors is a pharmacy graduate who began working in her own establishment in Valencia, formulating her own creams to help care for and protect the skin. The pharmacy was located in a popular neighborhood, so it was clear to him that he had to create effective and economical products to meet the demands of your clientele. She herself made the first creams in an artisanal way, at a time when cosmetics were not yet highly developed.

Later, Paquita Ors worked as a decorator and image consultant, without becoming completely disconnected from cosmetics and skin care.

The birth of the current company

During the eighties, there were important discoveries in the field of dermocosmetics Furthermore, new and efficient raw materials appeared, many of them of vegetable origin, thanks to advances in the form of extraction. With this breeding ground, Paquita Ors decided to open a company with her name to manufacture products in an industrial way.

The success of Paquita Ors products (@COSMETICOSORS) relied on word of mouth. Instead of investing in advertising campaigns or very sophisticated packaging, Paquita Ors insisted on continuing to manufacture simple products based on effective active ingredients, at a very competitive price. In addition, prior to the purchase of the products, the customer was offered (and continues to be offered) a rigorous free skin analysis and personalized advice.

Who is Paquita Ors

The success of Paquita Ors

During these years, they have opened over ten stores Paquita Ors where their products are sold, in addition to franchises throughout Spain. In addition, the character of Paquita Ors has become very popular, collaborating in various media and even getting to have his own show about cosmetics on public television. Paquita continues to consult in her stores in Madrid, Zaragoza or Valencia. Although he does not confess his age, it seems that his creams preserve it as if time did not pass.