Which option is safer to pay online?

When making purchases online, it is normal that we have doubts about what is the safest payment method. The fear that hackers malicious people get hold of our bank details, this is what can cause some people not to opt for online businesses. However, taking into account some security guidelines and knowing what options each means of payment provides us, we can evaluate what is best for us.


PayPal (@PayPalSpain) is a payment platform that offers a number of advantages in terms of security when shopping on-line. If you register, you can not only make purchases on those web pages that accept this payment method, which are the vast majority, it is also possible to send and receive money to whoever you want. All this is done through a single account, which is the one you will create when you sign up for the service.

When you do, they will ask you to associate a credit card with the PayPal account created. This will only have to be done once. They will spend a couple of days in which they have to verify that the data is correct. Since then, to make purchases you only need to enter your email and password, without having to enter bank details every time you buy something.

This system is very comfortable in this regard, which is an advantage. At the same time, it should be noted that the information you have saved in your account is not shared with any provider or merchant on-line, so in this sense your data is protected. The operations are carried out through PayPal, which acts as an intermediary.

One of its drawbacks is that if there is a problem with the purchase, it is the platform itself that will manage the incident. Normally, it is favorable to consumers, but the resolution of the problem may take a little longer than normal and you have to bear in mind that until a solution is adopted the money will be held by PayPal.

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Bank cards

In the case of paying by credit card, there are several possibilities. In general, this is a secure payment method, but you should verify that the store on-line complies with the security requirements established in this regard, such as the fact that its website have the https protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure or Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

It is an Internet communication system that protects integrity and confidentiality of user data between their devices and the web. This must be present in those sites where money transactions are to be carried out, regardless of the means of payment that we use.

When using any bank card they will ask us for a series of data, which are what the bank considers valid at the time of verify ownership. In many stores on-line, there is the option of leaving this information always entered, so that we do not have to enter it every time we are going to use it. However, even if it involves additional work, it is best not to check that box and each time we make a purchase we enter the card details.

Today some entities offer the possibility of contract virtual bank cards that are only for online purchases. Every time you want to make a purchase through this system it has to be loaded with the amount to be spentSo you only have funds when the acquisition takes place. This is another way to make a safer online purchase against a possible cyberattack.

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Transfers and cash on delivery

On some occasions, it is possible to pay by transfer, something that is not usually very successful because in the end it is a longer process. However, if we choose this option we must do the same as when we operate with bank cards. It is important not to save the data on the web, in order to protect ourselves from possible cybercriminals.

An alternative offered on some sites is cash on delivery. In this case we do not have to leave our data, as we will have to pay the purchase to the courier who takes it home. The only drawback of this system is that we will have to be much more aware of the arrival of the carrier to our home and dispose of the cash amountas this method usually only supports this form of compost.

Using this method does not imply any obligation on the part of the buyer, so they can’t force you to keep what you bought If at the last moment you have changed your mind or notice that the box or packaging is defective and you are not sure that the merchandise is in good condition.