Which barbecue is better: firewood, charcoal or gas? We tell you

This Sunday, with all the friends, we are going to the country to eat the barbecue. We take a lot of things, drinks, sodas. The sauce, the ribs, good meat on the grill, the charcoal and the ribeye. This is how one of the most danced songs of our summers begins, which you probably won’t know how to identify until you get to its chorus: The Barbecueby Georgie Dann.

We are in full season of this versatile way of cooking outdoors and, one more year, the doubt arises: Which barbecue is better, the one with wood, charcoal or gas?

We could say that, in Spain, the barbecue version most common is firewood or charcoal, which also has the reputation of being able to leave a unique flavor and taste in food. However, gas barbecues are growing in popularity. This version also has followers who defend its great comfort.

Next, we make a small summary of the features of each type of barbecue and its advantages and disadvantages:

Wood-fired barbecue

The original. The most natural and also gives an unbeatable flavor. But the most complex, since the preparation of the embers from wood it is quite complicated. It also requires a mastery of high heat to know when it’s time to add the embers to the grill. And is that embers are the secret of a good barbecue, as these are the ones that cook and do not flame them (except for some dishes like paella or calçot).

In addition, everything is complicated if we are in a place where we have to do little smoke. In order to avoid a big smoke and get some good embers as quickly as possible, the key is to use fine chips or pinecones, and once lit, gradually incorporate the wood so that it does not run out of oxygen (what would happen if we added all the firewood at once , or if we overdo it with cardboard or paper to stoke the fire).

There are also tools that can help us a lot when preparing the embers and with hardly any smoke, such as holder or lighters. And if they are also electric, you make sure to get rid of the smoke almost 100%.

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Charcoal barbecue

The charcoal destined for barbecues is charcoal, which comes from charred firewood. The main advantage of this material over firewood is that turns to embers much faster.

Depending on the firewood from which the charcoal comes and its quality, they will provide different temperatures and even aromas.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood or charcoal barbecues:

  • Very high temperatures are obtained
  • Its smoke gives a special and unique flavor
  • They are usually cheaper


  • They are hard to light
  • There is some risk of fire
  • Cleaning is a hassle
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Gas barbecue

Increasingly popular for the many advantages they offer.

  • They are very easy to light.
  • They heat up quickly (you only need 10-15 minutes).
  • The moment it turns off, it cools quickly.
  • They are clean in a moment.

But gas barbecues also have drawbacks:

  • They are more expensive
  • You have to be attentive to the gas level
  • They have a worse environmental impact due to the use of gas

As a conclusion we extract that the choice of the best barbecue depends a lot on needs and preferences of who is going to use it. And if something is clear to us, it is that all of them have their steps, techniques and tricks, which must be followed meticulously if we want to obtain a good result.

How we like barbekiú!