Where to sign up for a painting workshop in Barcelona?

If you’ve ever thought about signing up for a painting course, these are some of the best places to learn everything related to this activity in Barcelona.

Civic centers

Civic centers are one of the most economical solutions to learn the main painting techniques. With the only drawback that, depending on the program, you may not find the course that suits your level at any time of the year. It is convenient that you consult your Catalogue until you find the workshop that best suits your needs. Currently, and until March 18, you can go to drawing workshop that is taught in the Josep María Trias y Peitx Civic Center.

Painting academies


On Espaidart you can choose among the different painting courses that you have available to you. It will depend on the discipline in which you want to start the schedules of one or another course. The academy offers workshops of the main categories, such as watercolors or acrylic painting, among others. The price is 140 euros for a total of 12 classes of two hours each.

Where to sign up for a painting workshop in Barcelona?  (big stock)

Espai Medusa

The Espai Medusa has various workshops that can teach you to achieve advance your painting technique, drawing or even sculpture. The total price of each course will vary depending on the classes you want to attend during the week. And this is precisely one of its aspects that stand out the most, the possibility of adapting their schedules to your needs, without the obligation to choose a minimum number of classes.

Workshop d’art

Located in the Plaza Francesc Macià, this painting school offers us a series of courses for all ages. Both for children, youth and adults. On Workshop d’artFurthermore, they offer us the first free class, until we are convinced of the workshop we want to choose.

European Museum of Modern Art

The European Museum of Modern Art of Barcelona also has in its catalog with various courses related to painting, drawing or architecture While it is true that they do not stay all year or not all are for beginners – they are currently offering The Trade of the Painter 4.0– it is important to review your catalog. During the year they offer several courses and workshops for all levels.