Where to see the grape harvest in Spain

As you well know, September is the harvest month in Spain. In a country like ours, with so much winemaking tradition, there are many places where grape harvesting becomes an event.

And although those who participate in the harvest face long and hard working hours left by ground bodies – any reader who has participated will know this from their own experience – currently there are tourist activities to see first-hand the entire process of collecting this fruit.

How to see the vintage?

In wine tourism it has grown in such a way that there are numerous options to enjoy the wine culture, especially in a time like the grape harvest. At present you can visit the fields that are harvested so much on foot or by bicycle like using such fun vehicles as the quads or the segways.

What’s more, there are also balloon tours that will allow you to have a spectacular panoramic of the vineyards offering you unparalleled views. In addition, some wineries even invite you to participate by picking grapes and stepping on them as was done in the past. Obviously, this activity does not involve the same physical effort as harvesting since it is purely playful.

From winery to winery to get to know the town of Haro

Apart from observing the beauty of the fields about to enter the autumn colors and the thousands of grape pickers doing their work, you also have the opportunity to visit the wineries where they take the harvested fruit and observe the processes through which it passes, all of this. , of course, washed down with wine tastings and their corresponding pairings.

Where to enjoy the harvest?

As for places where to witness the harvest and enjoy all the aspects that surround this activity, basically we must highlight the 70 appellations of origin that exist throughout the country, because in all of them there are tourist activities to enjoy. Among the most popular and with the highest production we find the following:

  • Rioja. If there is a DO known in our country is this. At harvest time you will not only be able to see the fields as we have pointed out before, but also visit some places of undoubted attraction such as Briones, Haro, Cenicero, Calahorra, Logroño or Laguardia.
From winery to winery to get to know the town of Haro
  • Ribera del Duero. Is DO Castilian-Leon it also offers multiple attractions. Its wineries occupy a territory that in September is much more pleasant to visit because the temperatures have dropped compared to summer. Towns such as Peñafiel, San Esteban de Gormaz, Roa de Duero or Aranda de Duero are well worth a visit.
  • Wheel. Combinable with the visit to the grape harvest in Ribera del Duero is that of the DO Rueda due to geographic proximity. In this case, be sure to visit La Seca, Medina del Campo, Rueda or Tordesillas.
  • Valdepeñas. Another of the DO with more tradition in Spain is that of Valdepeñas, being able to visit the wineries located in the town with the same name, as well as those that are in the vicinity of Alcubillas and Moral de Calatrava.
  • La Mancha. As with Ribera del Duero and Rueda, you can combine the visit to DO Valdepeñas with that of La Mancha. Of course, there is a long way to go as it spans the provinces of Toledo, Cuenca, Albacete and Ciudad Real.
  • Navarre. Finally, one of the DOs that grows more and more It also has towns from which to visit the different harvest areas. Among them are: Estella, Tafalla, Tudela and, of course, Pamplona.