Where to learn bookbinding techniques in Madrid

The artisan binding It is a profession that still persists despite the mechanization and industrialization of this process today. The concept of this method is different because it is about getting a unique product, performed manually and painstakingly, obtaining as a consequence fewer units, but with added value. There are many types of bookbinding and if this activity has always attracted us, Madrid currently has workshops where we can learn this manual art.

The Rejon

This workshop is dedicated to artisan bookbinding through the use of traditional methods. They use skins, parchments, hand-painted papers, fabrics, classic and current materials. They have workshops and introductory courses in bookbinding whose objective is to provide anyone in love with this trade with the ability to make your own bindings manually. For this, they provide the basic knowledge and practice required to achieve this autonomy. Although the workshop is located on Zurbarán street, the classes are held at Fernando el Santo, 5.

Half Skin

In this bookbinding school there are flexible and personalized courses for all kind of people. His idea is that of a open workshop in which each student develops their skills at their own pace and according to their own abilities and skills. There are intensive courses, monographic or initiation courses. They are located at Calle Carlos Rubio, 4.

ELREJON workshop06

Restore books

It is a school Run by the bookbinding and restoration teacher Maribel Martín. Among its alternatives are different courses, from those in which we can learn basic concepts, even those who are dedicated to teaching artistic ways of working and even restore books. There are also specific workshops for some techniques. They are on calle Iriarte, 3.

Sarah Olsen Workshop

Sarah Olsen has been dedicated to this trade for many years. In his Chamberí workshop, on Calle Alonso Cano, 56, he teaches classes in addition to execute the orders that make it. The courses only admit a maximum of five people, as they seek personalized attention so that each person follow your own pace. The duration is variable depending on how far you want to go, if you want to know for example different ways of binding or perfecting the technique.


The workshop of Calero artisan binding He has been dedicated to this trade for more than a hundred years. It is the depository of a family tradition and has not closed its doors since that he opened them in 1907, as indicated on their website. It is possible to enroll in different courses, from bookbinding and cardboard, light binding, to basic or classical calligraphy. They are located at Calle Bárbara de Braganza, 11.