Where to go to ballroom dance classes in Barcelona

You don’t have to be an extraordinary dancer, because you go to a dance school or academy, above all, to have a good time. Starting from this premise, the benefits of dance for the health of the elderly are confirmed. The dance is a gentle aerobic exercise that activates the set of muscles and joints, making you gain agility, flexibility and balance.

Your cardiovascular system also benefits and your breathing capacity increases. As if all this were not enough, your mind is also concentrated and making an effort, without realizing it, to learn and remember the steps of your choreography. All are advantages, so you just have to find the ideal place to hit the track

Some of the best places in Barcelona to learn ballroom dancing

Waltz, tango, pasodoble, swing, cha cha cha … And if you fancy setting yourself up with a sevillian, a salsa rhythm or a romantic bolero, too. The important thing is to move, alone or with your partner, and meet new people with whom you can meet to dance and leave more than one with their mouths open. If this is not the case, you will have done a good exercise while listening to music and when you master a new step, your self esteem will be through the roof.

When you go to choose the appropriate place, keep a few details in mind. Try that your school is close to avoid moments of laziness. See that he has some good facilities and qualified teachers And, also, check that you “fit” in the group in which, in principle, they are going to put you. Some options in Barcelona are:

Ballroom dancing in Barcelona

Bailongu Escola de Ball

Passatge d’Utset, 11 and 13

The 700 square meters of facilities with which this school has (@Bailongu), they are more than enough space to dance any style to your liking. It is designed for people of all ages who want to move. Your ballroom dance course it’s fun and very varied. Also has different levelsBoth for those who have no idea and for those who want to perfect their dance technique.

Ball Center

Carrer de Sants, 82

Ball Center It is a five-story building where this dance center is located, which also has a fitness room and where yoga or tai chi classes are taught. As for ballroom dancing, you have different levels and a wide variety of styles ranging from the waltz to the rumba.

Sergi & Lourdes Dance

Carrer de Rodés, 10 (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat)

At school Sergi & Lourdes, founded in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat in 1993, you can learn in a very enjoyable way the dance style that you most want to master. Bachata, salsa, swing, line dances … And if you want to rehearse the waltz for the wedding of your son or your grandson, you also have private classes.

School of Ball Torremadé & Sanz

Carrer de Berga, 34

Whether you want to learn ballroom dancing to enjoy and encourage yourself on any occasion, or if you are looking perfect this modality, even at the competition level, in the school from Ball Torremadé & Sanz you have classes of all levels and you will surely find a class with the rhythm that you like the most.