Where to find old toys for your grandchildren?

Antique toys are very special for their ability to bring us a thousand memories and for the fact that some are true works of art, examples of a artisan work done with great care. Dolls with porcelain heads and dresses cared for in detail, wooden seesaws, puppets, tin cars, cutouts, trains or those Scalextric R circuits where, perhaps, you did one of your best races. Where can you find them currently?

Perfect stores to find vintage toys

It is not difficult to see toys vintage in traditional markets, although you can also resort to specialized websites that reside on the Internet. However, there are still very special stores that store toys from decades ago on their shelves. Which ones can you turn to?

Galaxy Saurio

Calle de Arganzuela, 14C, Madrid

Galaxy Saurus (@galaxysaurus) is located in the Madrid Rastro and, for years, has specialized in the buying and selling of old toys of all kinds and of any age. From comics or board games, to the first consoles that went on the market and that your grandchildren will probably find a true relic of the past.

Old toys.  Galaxy Saurio
Galaxy Saurio

Curiosity Shop Madrid

Calle de Latoneros, 1, Madrid

The name is really perfect, because this store will not stop surprising you. On Curiosity Shop you have a bit of everything: toys, decorative objects, articles vintage… From a tin biscuit box to a small puppet theater. It is a place that gives off some magic and in which it is a pleasure spend hours looking at his «curious» collection.

Old toys.  Curiosity Shop
Curiosity Shop


Calle del Barquillo, 7, Madrid

If you are passionate about old cars, Macchinine (@macchinine) is the store you should go to. Here you will find true jewels, original scale models that collectors will appreciate, as well as those who simply want find the car they had in their childhood. Although these vehicles are their specialty, in the store they also have a multitude of wooden toys, dolls or spinning tops from yesteryear, for example.

Vintage toys.  Macchinine

Antique toys Abella

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 623, Barcelona

Abella it is one of the best vintage toy stores, where it is easy for you to find what you have been looking for for so long. Its catalog is extensive: cars, trains, ships, plastic and lead soldiers, Japanese automata … If what you want is sell your old toys, this is also the ideal place to do it.

old toys Abella
Antique Toys Abella