Where to buy the best artisan wafers in Madrid

The waffle maker trade had a certain relevance in Madrid at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. Many families depended on its production and sale, and the presence of waffle makers at fairs and city streets was common. Today this typical sweet can be purchased in specialized places, but the authentic and handmade waffle It takes place in a bakery in the heart of the capital, which also distributes its sweets to other pastry shops in the region.

Madrid waffle makers

The only barquillería The authentic one that remains in Madrid is the one run by Julián Cañas, descendant of a family of Spanish waffle makers. They are made by hand and using natural ingredients. It is a workshop located in the Lavapiés neighborhood (Amparo street, 25 @Barquilleros) and to make the wafers they use the original plates with which his family made these sweets.

Cañas carries this trade in his veins and is the one that maintains live the waffle tradition in Madrid in a way similar to how it was long ago. Since he was little he lived submerged in this world and now he does as in the old days and in the capital’s festivities he takes his waffle iron and walks through the fairs offering this traditional sweet.

The recipe is the original: flour, oil, a little water, essence of cinnamon or vanilla, and grated coconut, which is what gives it consistency. They are the main suppliers of wafers to other pastry shops in the city, such as Horno de San Onofre or Casa Mira.

Madrid waffle makers

San Onofre oven

The original pastry With this name it emerged on Calle San Onofre, 3 (@HornoSanOnofre), in the 70s. Later the business expanded, emerging La Santiguesa (C / Mayor, 73), Hernani (C / Hernani, 7) and, finally, La Tahona (C / Hortaleza, 9) and an establishment in the San Miguel Market.

It is one of the icons of the sweet gastronomy of the city with typical and special products depending on each season of the year. In addition to selling waffles, its specialties are the roscón de reyes, its Santiago cake or its panellets and empiñonados.

La Santiaguesa Horno San Onofre

Mira House

It is also quite a benchmark for those with a sweet tooth From the capital. It was founded in 1855 by Luis Mira, a master nougat artisan. In fact, his good work caused his nougat factory to become in the official supplier of several monarchs like Isabel II, Amadeo de Saboya, Alfonso XII and Alfonso XII.

The successors of this expert nougat, in particular the sixth generation, They are the ones who run the business located at Carrera de San Jerónimo, 30. The delicious artisan wafers can be bought in this pastry shop along with their Nougat, various cakes, Jijona or walnut yolk, polvorones or marzipan figures.

Mira House