Where to buy real bread in Madrid

It took a long time to arrive but the recovery of artisan bread in Madrid is now a reality. The large Spanish cities suffered from a great quality drought in one of the staples of our Mediterranean diet, such as bread. It was incomprehensible to see how in a country with our rich gastronomic tradition it was so difficult to find good artisan breads.

Fortunately, in recent years there has been a little bread revolution, which has brought with it the opening of many bakeries with a deep respect for this food: quality ingredients, long fermentations with natural sourdough and careful cooking. In addition, most of them have diversified their offer with other products based on sweet doughs for those with a sweet tooth.

Panàdarío (Calle Alonso Heredia, 25)

It is one of the best bakeries in Madrid and is hidden in a small corner of the Guindalera neighborhood. Darius Marcos received the La Miga de Oro award in 2017 to the Best Baker in Madrid and is not for less. When you taste their delicious breads, you will understand. In addition to the classic loaves of wheat, seeds, rye or spelled, they also make other special breads and sweets, such as muffins, puff pastry palms, Croissants or a very good roscón de Reyes when it plays.

Best bakeries in Madrid (Panadario)

One hundred and thirty degrees (Calle de Fernando el Católico 17)

It is one of the last to open and it may be the roundest and most complete project of all those in Madrid. Breads, pastries and coffee in a small place in front of the Vallehermoso Market. The menu of products they have is impressive, and all are handmade by themselves and with the highest quality. The Miragoli brothers They carry out highly studied technical processes to give the best result, both in taste and texture. As for coffee, it is a great specialty coffee that they toast in the workshop with their own toaster. Its sweets are not far behind: the chocolate palm tree, its lemon tart with meringue or its croissant are three of its essentials.

Best bakeries in Madrid (Cientotreintagrados)

Obrador San Francisco (Carrera de San Francisco, 14)

Antonio Ramos He arrived at La Latina stomping. To their menu of classic white wheat, whole wheat, rye, spelled and seed breads, they add every day a special bread and other salty and sweet preparations, such as cocas, empanadas, cinnamon rolls, cookies, hamburger bun or its impressive burned bread. The ensaimada they make on weekends is probably the best in Madrid and you can’t miss it.

Best bakeries in Madrid (Obrador San Francisco)

Panic (Calle Conde Duque 13)

Javier Brand He was the person who started this little bread boutique revolution in Madrid. The opening of his successful Panic bakery on Conde Duque street generated a domino effect in the capital, Many others followed with very similar business models. They started with a short menu of breads and little by little they have been adding more products to their offer. Every Thursday they make a special bread and they also sell the flours they use, all ecological and ground to the stone. Their bread can be tasted in some of the best restaurants in the city.

Best bakeries in Madrid (Panic)

Panem (Calle de Fernán González, 46)

Panem It has only been open for a year, but it has already been done with the love of all the residents of the Retiro neighborhood, thanks to the wonderful breads they sell and their friendliness behind the counter. In this family bakery they also use organic flours and slow fermentation with sourdough. You’ll find a lot of variety in bread and artisan pastries, as its fantastic croissant, the pain au chocolat, muffins or cruffins hazelnut or lemon.

Best bakeries in Madrid (Panem)

The list goes on

At the risk of leaving us some, we leave you the names of other renowned bakeries in Madrid where it works with very high qualities. Any of them also deserves a visit to try their breads and the rest of the artisan products that come out of their ovens:

Panifiesto, Santa Eulalia Patisserie, Qvadra Panis, Museum of Galician Bread, Panod, Proust’s Magdalena, Babette’s oven, Moega, Pandepi, La Panotheca, La Miguiña, 3 Letters Pan, Pan Delirio, Crustó, Mother Made Pan, Vienna The Baguette, Knead, Wild Yeast, Spelta, Hornera, 180 Obrador.