Where to buy old vinyl?

With the first arrival of the compact-disk (CD) and, later, directly, with music through mobile devices, it seemed that those old records, stored with so much affection, would no longer have any use. Luckily it has not been like that. There have always been very special spaces where vinyls have remained in force but, in recent years, they are no longer an exception, because more and more people, from different generations, value lvinyls as the ideal medium to listen to good music.

Record stores where you can find the usual vinyls

At present, you have establishments that they keep with zeal authentic record jewels. Limited editions, vinyls that in addition to music contain peculiar stories, unique copies … are distributed throughout the Spanish geography and enter them, to to be able to touch those covers that may sound familiar to you, it is a real pleasure. Among the most interesting and traditional you have:

The Submachine Gun Records

Mythical place in Madrid to go to buy second-hand vinyls or sell them. On The Submachine Gun Records you will find records of all genres and at very interesting prices. If you are lucky and you go the day they place the newly arrived vinyls at their store, you will be able to find authentic jewels. Highly recommended.

The Submachine Gun2
Discos La Metralleta, Calle del Postigo de San Martín, 1

Under the volcano

In the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés you will find this curious store. Under the volcano It sells both new and second-hand vinyls, from different periods and of all styles. They also buy them. In addition, it has a complete selection of books specialized in music.

Where to buy old records (web bajoelvolcan)
Under the Volcano, C / Ave María 42, Madrid

Radio City

Another classic in the capital, where you can find good music of all time in a very pleasant space. On Radio City It is a pleasure to search through its extensive collection of records and discover unique pieces or simply special for those who find them.

Radio City
Radio City, C / Conde Duque 14


Surco Records It is one of the best-known record stores in Barcelona, ​​where in addition to looking unhurriedly at vinyl of all musical styles, you can also have a drink if you choose.

Furrow, Travessera de Gracia 144

Wah wah

Also in the Catalan capital, Wah wah It is one of those strongholds that endured and overcame the “invasion” of digital music. It’s easy for hours to pass without realizing it, browsing through their extensive record collection in a boutique with a lot of charm.

Where to find old records (facebook Wah Wah records)
Wah Wah, Riera Baixa, 14 Barcelona

Bora Bora

On the center of Granada the vinyl store is located Bora Bora Records. A large space, totally open, where the protagonist is the music of all times, both national and international. Sometimes different events are held, including concerts for a small audience.

Bora Bora
Bora Bora Discos, Plaza Universidad 1, Granada

Power Records

It is one of the oldest record stores in the Basque Country, with more than 25 years of history. Collectors or those looking for a special discontinued vinyl, in Power Records They will feel like a fish in water and they will also have excellent advice.

where to find old records (web powerecords)
Power Records C / Villarías, 5, Bilbao