Where is the glass thrown away and where the glass?

If we do a small survey on the street with the question that gives title to this article, how many people would know how to answer it? Is glass the same as glass? And what is more important, Can both be recycled?

Glass and crystal. Many times we confuse both materials, but We must know that they are not the same, although it may seem so. A difference that will be really useful when it comes to recycling them and taking them to their correct container. Thus, while glass is an irregular structure made up of silica, soda and limestone, glass has a greater regularity in its compounds and usually incorporates lead oxides. It is precisely this material that gives crystal glasses and goblets their peculiar characteristics of sound and shine.

The crystal glasses are not deposited in the green container (bigstock)

Once we know that it is not the same material and, therefore, each one needs a different recycling process, It is time to know and be clear about the place where each of them is deposited to be reused.

Green container for glass and orange or gray for glass

Thus, in the green igloo that we have in our portal we must deposit the following glass waste:

  • Bottles of wine, beer, juices, liquors …
  • Jars of jam, conversas, olives …
  • Bottles of colognes, perfumes and cosmetics
  • Roll-on or spray deodorants

For its part, the orange or gray container is suitable for leaving the remains of glass waste. Previously, this container was thought to be for organic waste, however, these residues can be left behind, as long as they do not pose any danger or are toxic. Thus, it is the right place to:

  • Crockery, glasses, glasses …
  • Flat glass from windows or mirrors
  • Conventional bulbs

However, we can be much more scrupulous when it comes to recycling. So it is best to remove the external paper of many glass containers (and that are deposited in the blue container of the cardboard and papers), the stoppers and caps of bottles (to the yellow container) or the cork of the wine bottles. And where do we leave the latter? Although it is a recyclable material, the truth is that there is no unanimity when looking for a specific hole to deposit it. However, it is best to take it to the organic waste.

Recycling data in our country

The latest data that we know about our responsibility when it comes to recycling corresponds to the past 2017, as provided by Ecoembes. Thus, in total for that whole year, each inhabitant correctly deposited 5.76% more waste – compared to 2016 – in the yellow container and 3.87% more in the blue one.

If we take into account according to Ecoembes, that «99% of the inhabitants have access to selective collection with an average of one container every 100 meters», There is no excuse to do what is in our power and take care of the environment.