Where can you enjoy classic cars in the Community of Madrid?

You don’t have to be a skilled mechanic or make and model connoisseur. The old cars they have something that makes them special. Perhaps its vintage design, its comforts of yesteryear (don’t look for on-board navigators or electric windows) or the stories of a thousand trips they made at the time.

Go to a concentration of vintage cars like small children and old people. Some are amazed by cars that they doubt could have rolled years ago, and others are reminded of endless memories.

See a «Pelotilla» (Seat 600) in perfect condition and ready to go back to the beach on those roads of God, a Ford Mustang from the 60s, with a design and a «style» that the most modern cars would already like for themselves, or a humble Seat Panda or a 124 square headlights, a Pamplona that was called then (because it was manufactured in this city), with which more than one got a driver’s license … it means spending a different morning, outdoors, enjoying the classic vehicles which, to be considered as such, must be at least 25 years old.

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Where to go to see classic cars in Madrid

You may have a classic in your garage or you simply want to go, as a spectator, to one of the many concentrations of vintage vehicles that take place in Madrid, usually on the weekend. In any case, some of the rallies held regularly that you can visit are:

  • Navacerrada. In this beautiful town in the Sierra de Guadarrama, classic cars have an appointment every first Sunday of the month in the middle of the town’s central square. In addition, you can take the opportunity to visit the market that is installed in the vicinity.
  • Navalcalnero. More and more fans are joining this gathering, both to show off their four-wheeled “jewels” and to try, in some cases, to sell them. As a culmination of the walk, nothing better than having an aperitif in the tent that is set up as part of the event. The meeting takes place on fourth sunday of every month.
  • Villaviciosa de Odón. It is another of the towns that adds to the growing interest in classic cars throughout Spain. Here concentration is the third sunday of the month, and in it you can find cars of all kinds, from models that attract attention for being historical vehicles of great value, to cars that have just become classics and that are very familiar to you.
  • Garage Club Chanoe. Chanoe It is another place where classic car exhibitions are held a few kilometers from the capital, in Pozuelo de Alarcón. The event takes place on specific dates and announced in advance. In the parking lot of this club, you can see really spectacular old cars and also, in the adjacent esplanade, other more «normal» but just as interesting.