Where can we buy seeds to grow at home?

They say that gardening is one of the most relaxing activities out there. Thus, if we want to give ourselves a time of peace and invest in our own orchard and garden, any time is good for start growing and planting. Then the first doubts arise. What seeds do I need? Where can I buy these seeds to grow at home?

The best answer will come from the experts who will explain the needs of one plant or another, the best season to start planting or what variety of vegetable we can grow in our own garden. Therefore, you can get a wide variety of bulbs or seeds to plant yourself and take care of all those flowers and fruits that you get with a few simple care and a lot of love.

Where do we buy the seeds?

While years ago we had to go to a nursery or gardening establishment to acquire these grains to grow at home, today we can find these seeds in large spaces dedicated to DIY and the home, where we can also collect soil, substrates, seedbeds. and even tools for planting. In these establishments and in those of a lifetime they will explain everything related to the best times to cultivate, pests that your garden can suffer, how to optimize the growth of your fruits or the use of phytosanitary products. A very useful personalized advice in these cases.

For more convenience, at the click of a button from our home computer we can buy seeds in online stores specialized in the matter or giants of the world distribution that have everything: from germ for grass, to ferns or trees, to put just a few examples.

Aromatic seeds (bigstock)

Culinary, aromatic or flower seeds

If what we want is to have our own vegetable and fruit plants, or to cultivate aromatic varieties, we must make sure that we plant them in the optimal conditions in each case. As long as some can go directly to the ground for germination, there will be seeds that need to be previously in a seedbed to later be transplanted. Therefore, it is essential to look at the sowing instructions for each product. In the case of crops destined for consumption, we can opt for organic seeds that have not been subjected to chemical products to obtain it.

Having a small space does not mean that we cannot have our own mini garden. Aromatic plants are small and hardly need space and a few simple care. There is nothing easier to get that fresh and natural touch in your dishes.

If what you want is to have a little color and joy in your terrace or home, enjoy having your own plants and flowers. In this case, follow the recommendations that the experts give you: if they are from indoors or outdoors, how much light do they need and how often should they be watered?.