Where can I leave my dog ​​on vacation?

One of the many aspects that we have to plan in advance about the holidays is what we are going to do with our dog during the days when we are away when it is not possible to take him with us. And it is not a minor issue because We must ensure that our dear colleagues do not suffer from our absence and receive adequate care and attention.

To be able to choose which option is more convenient first we have to take into account the characteristics of our pet: if it is easy and docile or if, on the contrary, it does not get along with other animals. If it requires special care or if due to age it is not convenient many changes. All these aspects should be evaluated to see if the option of not sharing space with other dogs is better or if it is convenient to leave it at home in the care of a third person, for example.

In addition, we must also take into account the budget we have because many of the available options involve an economic expense that depending on the length of the stay can be significant.

Let’s see what options there are for our dog’s ‘vacation’:

– One of the best solutions, if not the best, is leave it at home and have someone you trust come daily to walk it, feed it and spend some time with the animal. In this way, we do not remove the dog from its known environment, which is why our absence suffers less and, moreover, it probably already knows the person who is going to take care of it, which is also beneficial.

– A variant of this option is hire someone to be the one to come to our house to take care of the animal. Of course, you have to make sure that he is a dutiful person and lover of animals. Let’s not forget that we will not be there and it is not about spending our vacations, worried about whether our animal is well.

– The next possibility is leave the dog at the home of a relative or trusted person to take care of it for us during the holidays. If the caregiver already has a dog, we must make sure that the two are compatible and there is a good relationship between the dogs.

– Another classic option is take the dog to a kennel where he will be with other dogs. The advantage is that they are professional services so they are used to carrying out this work and know how to manage the animal. It is necessary to inform yourself well about the residence and take into account the opinions of previous users. And, whenever possible, make a prior visit to the center to check the facilities.

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– If the residence does not seem like a good option, there are more and more people who are dedicated to caring for animals in their own homes. They usually live in houses in the suburbs that have a lot of outdoor space and they want to take advantage of their esteem for dogs to earn money. The advantage of this option is that the dog receives a much more ‘personalized’ treatment since it is usual that the number of dogs they host is limited but, at the same time, the disadvantage is that we can quickly run out of space for our dog. But, again, we must make sure of the experience and quality of the service they offer.

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– And if none of the above options convince us, we can always book a room for our dog in a luxury hotel for pets only. Examples are the Hotel Critterati in India or The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa in the USA where in addition to having his own room, our dog can enjoy during his stay multiple services such as designer haircuts, a luxury spa or a lounge area where you can relax.

Every detail counts

Whichever option is chosen, here are some tips so that everything goes perfectly:

  • Do not leave the search for the last moment solutions because good sites fill up fast.
  • Best prepare the animal in advance. Thus, if we are going to leave it in a residence or with a caregiver, if it is possible to take it earlier for a weekend, for example, so that later it is not all unknown.
  • We have already said it before, but we repeat it because of its importance: inform yourself well, check opinions of previous users, consult with the vet, etc. The more information we have, the better the decision we make will be.
  • If we are not going to leave it at home, bring the dog’s toys, dishes and other things so that not everything is strange
  • If it has worked a year, try to repeat. It will always be better for the dog.
  • exist online platforms, What gudog or rover, which put owners in contact with caregivers.
  • Of course, our dog must have a microchip and vaccinations up to date. And it does not hurt, an identification plate with our telephone number.