Where can I find oncology scarves and wigs for the elderly?

It is one of the most feared, and obvious, effects of treatments to stop cancer. The hair loss that causes many patients, especially women, resort to oncological scarves or wigs to improve its appearance in this regard. Not only an aesthetic aid, but also a Psychological Support in all that process.

On the Internet you can find these articles, but the best thing is that you approach a specialized center where you will be treated in a more personalized way. And these are some of the establishments that we recommend to buy oncological scarves and wigs for the elderly:

Where can I find oncology scarves and wigs for the elderly?

Where to find these accessories

In Zaragoza you can go to Calle Zurita 17 where Oncoestética professionals await you (@ONCOESTETICA). They have at your disposal a wide variety of wigs from both natural hair as synthetic (for both men and women), oncology scarves and hats (even for sleeping), in addition to prosthetics for eyebrows or eyelashes. They also have a store on-line and they will advise you at all times to choose the ideal model.

In Bilbao, the hairdressing firm Marcel arranz It has 3 stores to buy all kinds of wigs, as well as turbans to cover your head in those moments when you are not wearing it (for example, if you are washing it). Some beauty salons where, in addition, you can enjoy beauty treatments to care for and soothe your scalp.

For its part, in Angela Navarro, in Madrid, offer personalized solutions to each patient so that the effects of chemotherapy on that physical aspect go unnoticed. Its professionals are in charge of studying each case to find the design that best suits the physiognomy of each face, the size of the head and the fewer possible seams to avoid chafing and irritation. Visit his establishment at 26 Ayala Street.

Our last recommendation takes us to Avenida Josep Tarradellas in Barcelona, where the Carreras Hair Oncology Center is located (@pelucascarreras). In addition to being able to buy an oncological wig, in this space they offer you a maintenance service for these hair prostheses.

How do I care for my wig?

In the case of wigs, it is essential to keep them in good condition to ensure your comfort and guarantee the quality of the product.

  • The models made with synthetic hair offer a wide versatility since they can be washed at home without any problem with specific products for that artificial hair. Those with natural hair can also be cleaned at home, but in this case, it is best to go to a specialized center.
  • Before washing it, brush it (always dry) to remove any tangles it may have. Next, and in cold water, leave the wig with a little shampoo for about 10 minutes and shake it, but without rubbing the fibers.
  • Rinse it off and use a towel to gently remove excess water. .
  • Put the prosthesis on a suitable support and let it air dry; no dryers or heat sources. Once dry, you can comb it and leave it perfect.
  • Avoid experiments like cutting the wig, dyeing it, or using curling irons to change its look.