Where and how can you bury your pet?

It is a difficult time, because a dog or a cat can become a member of the family, but if your pet has died, even if it is difficult to be practical, you must take into account some important aspects. From contacting a veterinary center to report the death and cancel the microchip, to finding a place to bury it, if that’s what you want to do.

The steps to follow if your pet dies

What to do with your pet’s lifeless body is a decision that you will have to make. For public health reasons, it is prohibited and financially penalized dispose of any deceased pet with more than objectionable methods, such as throwing it away. Depending on the legislation of each autonomy, it is possible to carry out a burial in a private space (plot, farm, garden …), but always prior authorization and fulfilling a series of requirements. As a general rule, pets must be buried in spaces expressly designated for this purpose.

How and where to bury your pet

If your pet dies, you must communicate it well to the vet, who is usually responsible for your health, who will take care of the various administrative procedures; good to municipal services, which also have established protocols for the collection of animals that have died and must be treated with the necessary dignity, generally resorting to incineration. In many municipalities, including Madrid (@MADRID), this is a free service for pets, as long as it is a single copy.

If you prefer to be the one who is directly in charge of the management, the first thing you should check is if you have contracted pet insurance that covers this situation. Also exist private businesses who are in charge of the collection and subsequent cremation or burial of the animal.

The two options are equally valid and will depend on what you consider appropriate. The cost of the individual cremation of a pet, with the subsequent delivery of its ashes, ranges between 250 and 300 euros. It is also possible to bury your pet in one of the pet cemeteries what’s in spain, What The Last Park, one of the largest and located in Arganda del Rey (Madrid), or the Small Animal Cemetery, just 15 minutes from Barcelona.

That your dog or your cat has a funeral and a grave To which you can approach to show your affection is possible and it is an increasingly common option.