When to change the pressure cooker rubber and the trick to do it

The theory indicates that se must change at least once a year, there are also those who figure it out at the moment in which the four hundred uses. But there are other indications to know that the rubber of your pot needs to be replaced:

  • The most obvious is the one in which notice a deterioration in the rubber itself, something that we should not confuse with that it is simply dirty.
  • Pot cannot reach the necessary pressure to allow cooking in it, we will know because the pressure valve does not rise.
  • It can also happen that the pressure indicators do not work quite well After the water starts to boil, it is a sign that the rubber is not doing its job.
  • The steam escaping from under the lid is another clue. Sometimes it is just a small tear, but it is enough to prevent pressure from building in the pot. If the gasket is too tight to fit the lid, or too stretched to fit smoothly, then it is time to be replaced. Since gaskets come in different sizes depending on the model, please check the diameter of your pressure cooker before ordering the part.
  • Another warning for you to change the rubber is that this, after having tried to cook, is dry or too soft.

If any of these situations occur it is not necessary to throw away your pressure cooker, you can simply change the rubber. For this we recommend that you always look for the original spare parts of the pot brand, since it must be perfectly adapted to the shape and characteristics of the utensil for which it was created.

How to change the rubber?

When we already have our original spare part we have to proceed to remove the broken or worn. You can help yourself with a knife, to pull one end, which makes it easier for you to tear it off. Later clean the hole where you will place the new.

Little by little adjust the replacement where the previous one was. If it is a rubber strip, cut the excess – preferably with a clean and perpendicular cut – leaving a centimeter, which will be the one you will mount on the other end that we put the first. If it is a rubber that fits, gradually insert it along the perimeter of the pot.

In either case, tighten the rubber well so that it is uniform.

See how they do it in this video: