When to call an exterminator

The ANECPLA (National Association of Environmental Health Companies) points out that the suffocating temperatures we are experiencing multiply the risk of species pests of such an unwelcome presence as mosquitoes, wasps, cockroaches, flies and even rodents. “These extreme temperatures are the best breeding ground for these species. It must be taken into account that from 28-29ºC the reproduction, for example, of the mosquito multiplies. And each grade increases its life cycle by 50% ”, says the general director, Milagros Fernández de Lezeta.

So anyone can run into this problem when they least expect it. Sometimes you will be able to deal with it using your own means, as the plague will not be very numerous. But if not, when do you have to call an exterminator?

Call an exterminator

Some times when you shouldn’t think about it for a second are the following:

  • The plague is dangerous. Either because animals or insects can harm humans (wasps, bees …) or because some of the people living in the home have some type of allergy, it is best to call a specialist to take care of the problem.
  • When for many measures you take, the plague remains, It is time to call a professional exterminator because he will find the solution so that you can relax once and for all.
  • If you have fear of animals or insects Of the plague (rats, mice, cockroaches …), it is obvious that you have to hire the services of an exterminator.
  • If you do not know if the remedies you are willing to use can harm someone in the family nucleusPets included, it is best to seek professional help.
avoid cockroaches1

What will a pest exterminator do?

Once you call in a professional to deal with an infestation, they will take care of the problem, usually in three steps. The first will be to make a diagnosis of the situation and it will inform you of what the procedure will be so that it does not affect too much in your day to day and you can organize yourself.

Then the fumigation is started and pest elimination, informing you at all times of how it is going. And once finished, the exterminator will keep a tracing, either by analyzing the samples taken or verifying that the elimination has been complete.