When to apply wax to a wooden or terrazzo floor?

The waxes, which you can use to give a better appearance to a “dull” floor and with obvious signs of wear, are composed of liquid resins and acrylic substances that are effective in making them gain presence almost immediately.

It is important to know that the function of these products is not to cleanTherefore, they are not intended for the daily maintenance of floors. Its use must be sporadic, taking into account the material with which the surface we want to recover is made and its degree of deterioration.

Waxes for parquet, terrazzo, marble … how and when to use them?

There are different types of waxes, some for professional use, which are usually applied with specific machinery (polishers) to print a first layer of protection and shine to newly installed floors (or in a reform that includes the recovery of existing floors).

Those for domestic use are generally presented in liquid form to apply directly on a certain surface or to dilute in water.

wax floors

In the case of wooden, wooden or parquet floors, waxes are especially important, because their periodic use will contribute to maintain the sealing of the slats that make up that soil and also because the thin invisible layer it creates will isolate wood from moisture. A waxed wooden floor will “repel” better the action of any liquid that may spill (preventing stains by absorption) and, in addition, will have extra protection against daily abrasion that simply cause their own footsteps.

Wood floors require specific waxes that must be applied following the manufacturer’s instructions for the water to wax ratio, and should always be done with the floor previously cleanIn other words, it is not worth adding the wax to the washing water. It is preferable to clean thoroughly (always wringing the mop well to use a minimum of water), wait for the floor to dry and then apply the diluted wax. Depending on the state and use, more or less intense that a floor of this type supports, it might be advisable to use wax every 6 – 8 weeks.

As for other surfaces, such as the usual terrazzo or elegant marble, you also have specific waxes that help a correct seal (reducing the porosity of the stone), also achieving that beautiful mirror effect. As in the case of wood, these floors must be clean before waxing and the instructions for use must be strictly followed. For small areas that show significant deterioration, you have products that can apply directly (without guide), with the help of steel wool (always with protective gloves) but its use is only recommended for terrazzo floors, never for marble. To intensify the shine of a marble floor, after applying the wax, you should limit yourself to polishing with a soft mop.

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