When is spring coming this 2019?

Have you ever wondered why the day that spring begins can vary from year to year? The answer is very simple, the March Equinox. We explain what it consists of. In this 2019, The March Equinox will take place on March 20, 2019, specifically at 23:58, peninsular time, according to the National Geographic Institute. On this day, both the day and the night have the same duration and it is the starting gun to welcome this new season.

From this date, the days begin to lengthen and the sunlight begins to have a greater presence throughout the day.

When is spring coming this year?  How is it decided each year?  (big stock)

What is an equinox?

Sticking to the end of the RAE, under the name of equinox it is known at the time of year in which, by the position of the Sun, the length of day and night is the same all over the planet. We can observe this phenomenon twice a year. Between March 20 and 21, and September 22 and 23.

Although, as we have already said, by its nature, it is really difficult to establish it in a single fixed day.

Why doesn’t spring always start on the same day?

The answer to this question can be found in the path that the Earth makes around the Sun. Although we have internalized that the It takes Earth to carry out its entire orbital period 365 days, the truth is that this number is not exact. Sticking to reality, the orbital period takes exactly 365.25 days, as stated by the Spanish Society of Astronomy.

In these tenths that make the return to the Sun not an exact number, we can find the explanation that we cannot establish the same day. What’s more, other factors such as leap years also influence this change of season.