When does Autumn really start?

The Fall It is just around the corner. Temperatures gradually drop, the hours of daylight decrease and the fields begin to turn ocher. But when does it really start? On September 21 or 23? When is the equinox?

Fall in 2019

This year we will have to wait until September 23 to welcome this season, which will last until December 22, giving way to winter. The entrance of the Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere -Remember that in the Southern Hemisphere what begins is its spring- depends on the aforementioned equinox, which may occur between September 21 and 24, hence the date is not fixed.

What exactly is the equinox?

This word that comes from Latin and means «equal night» perfectly explains what this day consists of: the moment when the daylight hours are the same as at night -although there are always variations taking into account the latitudes of each area of ​​the planet-.

Therefore, when you talk about a season starting on one date or another, it does not depend on anyone deciding it for its own sake, but rather it is due to a astronomical phenomenon. One of the peculiarities of equinox is that the sun will rise exactly in the East and will set in the West, since at other times of the year it makes the same route but a few degrees more to the North or South.


Unlike on occasions such as the summer solstice, the arrival of autumn does not involve traditional celebrations. This can be due to two important aspects. First of all, the temperatures are still high and generally coincided and coincided with the vintage time, a key moment in Mediterranean culture in general and Spanish in particular.

Vineyards overlooking the Sil River (bigstock)

Likewise, the main autumnal festival happens a month and a half later, with the celebration of the all Saints Day -In the Anglo-Saxon world it is the time of Halloween-, thus continuing with the tradition that in other cultures prior to the Christian one already existed to celebrate the end of the months of heat and «life».