When do we have to change the car oil?

Your mechanic will tell you often: check the oil level in the vehicle from time to time. However, most of us never do it, and we hope to have to take the car to the workshop for any breakdown to take advantage of it and ask for all levels to be reviewed. The date of the oil change depends on each vehicle.or (consult the maintenance book for yours) and how we use it. For example, it is not the same to use it only on some weekends for long trips, than to do it daily around the city to go to work, something that implies continuous engine starts.

From the RACE (@RACE_es) recommend replenishing the oil every year or every 15,000 kilometers or every two years or 30,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. However, on their website they specify that, if it is about more than 15 years old, it is appropriate to change it before 10,000 km or every year. On the contrary, in the case of the most modern and technologically advanced cars, the change does not depend on the kilometers traveled, since a sensor indicates the quality of the oil in real time and when it is time to replace it.

In any case, you should know that if you drive with little oil or it is in poor condition, your engine can suffer a major breakdown. It is also essential to change the oil filter, since its function is to eliminate the impurities that the oil may have before reaching the lubrication circuit.

Change car oil

Do I do it or do I take it to the workshop?

It is advisable to do the oil change in a workshop, where they should recycle it so as not to harm the environment. But doing it is not complicated. If you dare, in the Mapfre motor channel (@MAPFRE) they only prevent us that, in winter, it is convenient that we start the engine a little earlier, so that the temperature of the car rises and the oil flows better. For the rest, you will need this material:

  • adjustable wrench for oil filter (metal band)
  • fixed keys
  • two plastic drums where we will pour the oil
  • a funnel
  • the oil necessary for our car
  • the new oil filter that we are going to put.

If you are already prepared, these are some steps that RACE and Mapfre propose to follow:

–Make sure the car is on a level surface and the engine is cold.

–Open the hood and find the dipstick in the engine.

–The first measurement can mislead us since with the movement of the car the oil level on the dipstick may not be the real one. That is why we must take it out and clean it. Once we have passed a paper or a cloth, we introduce it again. This is when the dipstick marks the last liter of oil («not the full capacity as many people mistakenly believe», clarifies the RACE) that is in the crankcase, where this liquid is stored.

– Now yes, we check the real oil level. It has to be between the maximum and minimum indicator. If it is below, we must refill so that the engine is properly lubricated. If it is above the maximum, we must empty it now.

–To empty it, remove the covers that protect the underside of the car, if the change is not going to be done by aspiration. You should look for the plug by which to change the oil at the bottom of the rear of engine. Do not forget to place a container to collect the old oil from your car and extract the filter with the help of a metal wrench before opening it.

–When you have emptied the filter, remove the bottom plug of the oil so that it falls into the drum. «For a better and faster extraction, it is advisable to also unscrew the upper cap of the oil tank», advise Mapfre.

–After letting all the oil come out for a few minutes, put the new oil filter Y replace the cap where we have emptied the oil.

-Now you can fill the car with new oil –Better with a funnel_, checking the level little by little with the rod.

-Go back to attach the protective shell lower.