When do the January 2020 sales start?

Both winter and summer sales periods can start on different dates depending on the Autonomous Community in which we are located. In 2012, the Government decided to liberalize these sections and that is why the beginning of these discounts has some variations. They generally coincide, but it is good to know each case in case we are in another usual place where we usually reside and thus be able to enjoy these benefits. Sometimes in some shops they start this campaign before the official days, something that also happens in shops on-line.

By regions

Having made this clarification, indicate therefore that the official dates of the January 2020 sales present a series of differences according to the autonomous communities. Most start on January 7, with the exception of Madrid which starts on the first day of the year in most of the establishments.

The end date shows a bit more variation. Some have set as final day on March 6, as is the case with Asturias, the Canary Islands, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Extremadura, La Rioja and Navarra. The period lasts one more day in Andalusia, Melilla, and Murcia. In Madrid, they end on March 31, as in Castilla La Mancha and in the Empty Country. In Ceuta they conclude on February 28, but in Cantabria they last until April 6 and in Galicia, they last one more day, on April 7. In Aragon, they last around two months, from January 6, 2020, and in the Valencian Community, they start from the first working day after Reyes, until the second Saturday of March. While in the Balearic Islands, they also last for two months, from the day after the arrival of the Three Wise Men from the East.

The winter sales they usually always start after the Kings Campaign, but as we have seen in some cases there are modifications. Most of them usually last about two months, ending just when spring begins in March. Then we will have to wait for the summer to enjoy these advantages again.

Discounts, liquidation or balance?

Physical and ‘online’ businesses

Typically, businesses take advantage of this period to try to sell all winter stocks. In the same way, although there is an official date of sales in each community, within each one, the shops can make the decision to advance their sales with respect to this. Therefore, that is why it happens that sometimes during the Christmas period we see posters that indicate these offers in some shops, while in others not. And this, as is evident, generates some confusion among users. For example, in the case of the Inditex group (@InditexSpain)Yes, they usually stick to the day officially set; Springfield (@springfieldmw), begins on January 1; and H&M (@hmespana) or Mango (@Mango), they do it one day after this holiday. The English Court (@The English Court), does it on January 6. Cortefiel (@Cortefiel_es), prepare some offers as of December 26, and only on some selected garments.

In any case, if we are interested in a specific product from a specific trade, we can ask when it will begin to reduce prices for 2020. It should be noted that the sales mainly affect the textile and footwear sector, but we can also see discounts on technological devices and other items.

In the same way, it is interesting that we are pending of the promotions offered from the stores on-line of the same houses that even have physical stores. Sometimes, there are products that are not found in stores and are in the web versions. There may also be specific discounts on these media, so it is advisable that we take a look as sometimes they can even be more advantageous. In addition, in some of them they even offer us the possibility of picking up the items in the store itself, so not if we want to be aware of the courier It is an option that we can take advantage of.

Sales woman

Some advices

On the other hand, it is important to take a good look at the promotions they offer us. There are some stores that take the opportunity to sell items from other seasons, which may involve interesting bargains, but we do acquire them in the end. we must be aware of what we are buying.

In the same way, you have to be aware that the original price appears very clear on the labels, and what is the discount that is being applied to it. If we do not know what the initial cost of a product is, we will not really know what type of reduction is being made and this can hide a deception. We must also consider that the discounted items have the same guarantees as those who are not, and that is why if we wish to make a return, the terms and conditions with which the business normally works must be respected.

Finally, as the days go by, the discount percentages tend to increase, although we also run the risk of not finding the size we are looking for, or that by waiting too long the product has been sold out.