When do cherry trees bloom and where can you see them?

In addition to the famous Jerte Valley, in Extremadura, there are other places in Spain where it is possible to contemplate the cherry blossom and verify that those white flowers, in full splendor, are capable of creating a landscape as extraordinary as it is ephemeral.

This is not math and nature follows its own rhythm, so it is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when the cherry blossom will be in full swing, but it usually occurs between the second half of March and the first weeks of April. According to the web Jerte Valley Tourism, this year the cherry trees are expected to start blooming on the March 20-22, although it must be emphasized that knowing the exact date is impossible because it depends on the changing weather.

The flowering period It will also last for more or less time depending on the temperatures and the meteorological phenomena but it usually lasts between 10 and 15 days.

In the Jerte Valley there are more than a million and a half cherry trees, cultivated in terraces to facilitate the collection of cherries. The first to bloom are those at the lowest altitude and, as the days go by, the white flowers “rise” and end up covering everything in a “postcard” worth seeing.

Among the towns that can serve as a starting point to visit the Jerte are Piornal, Valdastillas, Rebollar, Tornavacas or Casas del Castañar, where this March 29, as in previous years, the Cherry Blossom Festival of National Tourist Interest, which will include numerous activities and will last until April 6 with the closure in the town of The lathe.

when the cherry trees bloom (www.turismovalledeljerte)

Other places to enjoy cherry blossoms

You have other options not to miss all the beauty of this show and enjoy nature.

The Axarquia region in Malaga has in the town of Alfarnate, just 30 kilometers from the sea, its particular “Jerte”, for the enjoyment of the people who come every year to see the contrasts that its cherry tree fields achieve.

Another option is to travel to the East of the Peninsula and approach the Valencian town of Serra, close to Sierra Calderona Natural Park. The clusters of cherry trees are not very extensive but enough to stand out from the rest of the Mediterranean vegetation.

The valleys of the Bierzo region They also hide some extensions of cherry trees that, in spring, are in charge of transforming the landscape to the surprise of everyone who visits the area. Most of these trees are in the vicinity of Corullón, in Leon.