What you must do to file a report for the theft of your bag

You are walking carelessly down the street and suddenly you notice a sharp blow or pull on your arm. Your purse has been stolen. After surprise, anguish, anger or disbelief at what just happened, you wonder what you should do now. How can you get that item back and more importantly everything you had inside? As you know, what you have to do is go to a police station to report this fact. But before this, take into account a few previous steps.

Did you carry your cell phone and credit cards in your bag?

If the answer is yes, first of all You must cancel these services so that the thief does not take advantage. Thus, look for the customer service number that your bank has for this type of situation and inform them of what happened so that cancel all those bank cards. Even if they confirm that everything is correct, it does not hurt that the next day you check the latest movements of your accounts, just in case they had time to spoof your secret key and they have spent all your money in seconds.

Once all this is done, it is also advisable that you mention these cards in your complaint to the police. In the event that they have been used fraudulently, that document It can be used for the bank to pay you the amount withdrawn if you have insurance for this type of case. Also, take the opportunity to request a new card, which your financial institution will send you to your home or office in a few days.

You should do something similar if your mobile has disappeared. In this case, call your telephone company so that they will not take charge of calls that may be made without your permission and proceed to block your SIM card. Something that can happen, paying a large bill that is not yours, if the phone was on and they manage to access it.

What you must do to file a report for the theft of your bag

How to file a complaint?

Once all this is done, she goes to a police station to file the corresponding complaint for the theft of the bag in the middle of the street. When they take care of you they will ask you how everything has been, if you are hurt and what was it you had inside. In the latter case, you can contribute Photographs of those items, if you have. Also make an exact description of what the bag or backpack is like, both inside and out, it may appear lying on a nearby street.

You may even have to give a rough description of what the thief (s) looked like for what it’s worth. Maybe he is an old acquaintance of the agents for carrying a long list of thefts or he moves through that area and they can proceed to their identification.

Once you have signed that document and receive a copy, you can use this paper to request a new DNI, if this was in the wallet that has disappeared along with your bag. And it is that, when doing that renewal, the cost will not be the same as if you have accidentally lost. When you have your national identity document again and if you also lack your driving license, go to a headquarters of the Traffic Headquarters (@DGTes) to get a new one issued to you.

But if after that scare on the street you do not find the strength or desire to go and file that complaint in person, the National Police (@police) offers a Internet complaints service, as well as a telephone to do this same procedure. Of course, in the end you must go to a police station to sign that statement.

What you must do to file a report for the theft of your bag

Tips to avoid being the target of thieves again

From now on for sure you will take extreme security measures when you go down the street to avoid a new theft. And in this case, these tips may help you:

  • Never carry your purse open Or you will be too easy a target for anyone who wants to steal.
  • Better wear it across the chest and not by the hand or on the shoulder, as it will be easier for them to remove it. And put it on the side of the wall to prevent give you a yank from a motorcycle.
  • As much as possible, avoid carrying objects, a lot of money or valuable documents with you every day.
  • When you are in the middle of a crowd or in a space with many people (for example, in the subway) be careful so that pickpockets do not make their own and protect your belongings. A protection that you must repeat when you are sitting in a bar, for example. Your bag always close to you.
  • And if the theft has occurred in your car, breaking one of the windows, it is better that you never leave anything in sight to avoid that “temptation”.