What types of hamburgers without meat can we incorporate into our diet

A while ago that a hamburger did not have meat was something unimaginable, but today it is possible to buy this product that is usually part of vegetarian or vegan food. Basically we can consider that it is a veggie burger. There are tofu, soy, quinoa, rice, etc., the options are endless. And lately there is even talk of synthetic meat burgers.


Regarding the synthetics, it must be specified that they are still under study. It really is about meat made in a laboratory. Some alternatives have already been presented in this regard, and as announced last year by the Basque company Biotech Foods, in 2021 it will put on sale a variety called Ethica Meat, although there are several companies that are investigating in this regard. This meat is not obtained from the animals themselves, but from cells previously extracted from them. That is, its origin is therefore animal and in its elaboration no chemicals are used or DNA manipulation is performed. Its main objective is to offer a product with the same qualities as normal meat, but preserving the environment.


Then there are the vegetable burgers, which contain other ingredients different from meat and that we can even find already prepared in supermarkets. One of the best known is tofu. The healthiest thing is to buy this and make the recipe at home.

To prepare them in this way, you have to buy a block of tofu and chop it. Then the ingredients are added, the seasonings first, tomato and then an egg. You have to mix everything well and leave the dough in the fridge for an hour. Then we shape it, coat it in wheat flour and fry it like any other hamburger. For the batter you can also use breadcrumbs or instead of egg a sauce, such as soy. There are several formulas.

Tofu (bigstock)


Another of the most popular meatless burgers is soy. To make it at home we will have to acquire this ingredient and cook it until make it soft. As in the previous case, when it is ready, it must be crushed and added the seasonings, onion, parsley and garlic, for example, and next a couple of eggs. We mix it, add breadcrumbs and we shape the hamburger. Finally, it is fried in the pan.

As we see there are many possibilities. It is also possible to do rice or quinoa burgers, to name a few examples.