What to do with your plants if you go on vacation

If you have a small garden, a colorful balcony overflowing with flowers or indoor plants are the most precious adornment of your house, in summer the problem of how to keep them with enough water if you go away for a while. The first solution is to ask someone to go water them, but it is not always possible. If you already intuit the situation, you should know that there are different mechanisms, some really simple, with which to make your plants survive the holidays.

You have it easy!

It would be convenient for you to know minimally the needs of the plants that adorn your home. Some, such as, for example, the tapes cope very well with the lack of water, while others require daily watering. In any case, if you are not going to be able to take care of them, here are the systems (and some other trick) that will make it possible for your plants to retain their vitality and good appearance until your return.

Water plants

Automatic irrigation systems

It is the most advisable method to maintain outdoor plants, especially in the case of extensive gardens where there is also a lawn. There are several systems of this type, the most widely used being drip or sprinkler irrigation. If you like gardening and are somewhat crafty, installing them is not difficult. You only need a water outlet, a timer and a specific pipe, usually made of rubber with a certain number of holes, which you will have to place strategically to distribute the water over the entire surface.

You also have gardening kits for beginners with which you can make your own irrigation system without too many complications. The basis of this «invention» is that, with the help of programmable timer, the water comes out and reaches your plants for several minutes a day without anyone having to open the tap beforehand.

Self-watering pots

They are one of the most practical and effective solutions, emerged only a few years ago. These are pots that incorporate in its base a small water tank with a channel that leads to the earth, progressively moistening it and allowing the plant to feed.

Gel texture water

Ideal for those who do not want to complicate at all with this topic. Gelled water Presents itself in small blocks or in the form of pearls. You simply have to place them in the pot of the plant you want to keep. As the days go by the water will leave its current state and become liquid again, to moisten the earth and allow irrigation.

The bottle of all life

If none of this convinces you or you have remembered your plants at the last minute, a home remedy is to use a plastic water bottle as «automatic shower». Fill her with water, make her a small hole in the plug and partially bury it upright in the pot. The water will come out little by little and your plant will survive.