What to do if your dog has a psychological pregnancy

Did you know that 6 out of 10 dogs that are not spayed suffer a psychological pregnancy? In addition, despite what many think, it is not a disease as such, but a a hormonal imbalance that occurs after heat, about a month and a half or two months later. The symptoms of a psychological pregnancy in bitches are breast augmentation, milk production Y inflated abdomen, as would happen in a normal pregnancy.

Therefore, the key is to attend the psychological and behavioral symptoms, ranging from nervousness, restlessness and sadness, to treating their toys as if they were their puppy, creating a nest, refusing to go for a walk or loss of appetite. In general, these signs disappear in about 10 days and the bitch reverts to her natural state, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the vet at the slightest sign of alarm.

In addition, it is very important to act correctly so that your pet does not suffer after some trauma or behavioral disturbance. So what should you do to alleviate their “suffering”?


What to do about the psychological pregnancy of your pet?

  • First of all, you must avoid at all costs that your dog licks her breasts, as this stimulation continues to activate the secretion of milk. Another way to paralyze it is by controlling the animal’s water consumption.
  • In addition, it is important that your pet don’t develop a maternal instinct too stressed. This is achieved by preventing it from forming its nest and keeping toys or stuffed animals that it can adopt as its puppies away from it.
  • Experts also recommend distracting her as much as possible with longer walks usual.
  • Some sources claim that including a little chopped parsley in your food helps to control the effects of progesterone, which increases considerably as in a real pregnancy.
  • As for breast enlargement, a disorder known as mastitis, it should be the veterinarian who prescribes a pharmacological treatment based on cabergoline. Although in some cases surgery is also necessary.
  • And finally, and as a definitive solution, experts recommend castration, as it is the only preventive measure for the appearance of psychological pregnancies in bitches. But of course, check with your vet first.