What steps should you take if your wallet is lost (or stolen)?

Money, cards, documentation … in addition to the little or a lot of cash that each one can carry in their wallet, there is a lot of information that we keep in this complement that is almost part of ourselves.

As a first piece of advice, if you are not entirely sure you have lost it or having suffered a theft, stay calm and think for a few seconds about the possibility of having left it in some unusual place where, perhaps, it is still waiting for you. Make memory, try to remember the last time you saw her and if after this little mental review, you confirm that the wallet has disappeared, you have to act quickly.

Cancel credit and debit cards as soon as possible

It is probably the priority, given that new technologies allow many cards to be used without the need for prior identification or the requirement of a secret number, generally for purchases of less than € 20. Try to cancel all the ones you had in your wallet, both credit and debit. Do not forget, for example, those that offer department stores or surfaces that, although they do not give money, with them, a supposed thief can buy with a charge to your account.

Blocking cards is a simple management that can be done by phone or online Accessing the website of the financial institution with which you work. Some banks offer the practical option of temporary blocking. Thus, if they appear in a short space of time, you would have the opportunity to reactivate them.

what to do if your wallet is stolen

The next step, which cannot wait, is go to one of the police stations of the National Police (@police) to report the theft or loss. When making the report, try remember all the documents you think were in the wallet. ID, driver’s license, Social Security card, health card, transport pass… did you have a tenth of the Christmas lottery? Well, don’t forget to include it. The complaint is basic to any possible claim and also to justify the lack of documentation that allows you to identify yourself if necessary. If you forget something important, you can always go back to the police station to make a extension of complaint. Currently and in some cases, it is also possible to report a theft or loss through the Virtual Office for Police Complaints (Ministry of Interior @interiorgob) provided that the denounced act has not occurred with physical violence or intimidation.

If you have a contract insurance, Check if it includes (or not) certain coverages in these circumstances.

Once the basic procedures are done, and after waiting a few days in case the wallet appears (it is worth asking at the corresponding municipal lost property office), you will have to start the procedures, requesting the prior appointment, which allows you to obtain your documentation again .