What should I keep in mind if I want to put a satellite dish in my house?

Expand the number of channels to watch on home television with a satellite dish it is something possible today. If we are considering this option, we must know that it can be installed, but at the same time we must first inform ourselves about the limitations that exist within the neighborhood community in which we reside.

What the legislation says

Currently the Article 9 of Royal Decree-Law 1/98 on common infrastructures in buildings for access to telecommunication services, allows installations of individual systems by a single tenant. In addition, it is possible to use common or private areas (usually the roof and the roof). It is also necessary that preserve the aesthetics of the building.

The most important thing in these cases is to comply with the legislation to avoid any type of problem. A) Yes, the structure of the community façade must not be damaged and place it in a place that does not interfere or modify the signals of the rest of the antennas of the neighbors. The balcony for example is not the most appropriate place. There are many other options the technicians can indicate to us.

It is necessary for the community to receive the communication from this facility and present before it the documents that are needed, that is, the administrative licenses and reports established for these cases. In turn, the community of owners has a period of 15 days to offer a response.

Neighborhood communities will be able to request aid for new TV antennas from 26-S

One for the whole community

The ideal, therefore, is that a prior agreement is reached in order to avoid a refusal and problems when installing it. In addition, it must be taken into account that the law establishes a limitation when placing individual equipment. In fact, if the number of one-third of the owners is exceeded with these, the establish a community team.

In these cases, it will be necessary for a third of the neighbors to be in favor of the location of a satellite dish for the entire community. However, if this majority is not reached, it can still be installed, but in this case it must be taken into account that the distribution of expenses will be different and the fee to be paid will be higher, since whoever does not want it is not obliged to pay by not using the service.